The ReportAugust 2007

Out of Print Books in the News

There's a distinctly masculine tone in this year's list. Ranking high in our results, alongside the knitting guides, romance novels and children's classics, are the following:

I Do: Achieving Your Dream Wedding by Jessica Simpson
While her marriage may not have been an unqualified success, Jessica's nicely-illustrated wedding guide has many creative ideas for brides-to-be. In the real world of non-popstars, "dream weddings" may not be a practical aspiration, but that's why it's fun to dream.
Flash in the Pan: Life and Death of an American Restaurant by David Blum
Listed in the "Recommended Reading" section in the back of Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain, this book describes the meteoric rise and catastrophic fall of New York restaurant The Falls in the 1990s. The fickle nature of fashion and success can wreak havoc on a business that depends on a steady income to pay its creditors. When the in-crowd stays out, bad things happen.
Practical Cogitator: The Thinker's Anthology ed. by Charles P. Curtis and Ferris Greenslet
A massive anthology compiled by the Vice President of the United States under Hoover (Curtis), initially to give WWII soldiers something edifying to read during lulls in battle. Contains diverse essays, poems and quotations from the writings of philosophers, theologians, artists, political leaders and public figures concerning history, art, literature, etc.

Top 10 Lists

Arts and Music
Artists and art history; painting, photography, dance; architecture and design, etc.
1 Madonna Sex
2 Harry T. Peters Currier & Ives, Printmakers to the American People
3 Thomas Craven, ed. A Treasury of American Prints
4 Patty Yoder The Alphabet of Sheep
5 Arthur L. Leighton Norman Rockwell, Illustrator
6 Larry Clark Teenage Lust
7 Edward S. Curtis Portraits from North American Indian Life
8 Rockwell Kent World Famous Paintings
9 Garry Winogrand Women Are Beautiful
10 Irving Penn Flowers
Includes autobiography and memoir; biographies of athletes, politicians, artists, public figures, etc.
1 Tim Reiterman Raven: The Untold Story of the Rev. Jim Jones and His People
2 Rubin Carter The Sixteenth Round: From Number 1 Contender to #45472
3 Johnny Cash Man in Black: His Own Story in His Own Words
4 Daniel Bragg Clayton Forty-Seven Years in the Universalist Ministry
5 Charles M. Russell Good Medicine: Memories of the Real West
6 Bob Richards The Heart of a Champion
7 Sonora Carver A Girl and Five Brave Horses
8 Frank Meier Up for Air
9 Aleister Crowley The Confessions of Aleister Crowley: An Autohagiography
10 Elmer Keith Hell, I Was There!
Fiction and nonfiction; books for toddlers through adolescents
1 Robb White The Lion's Paw
2 Anne Alexander The Pink Dress
3 Sharon Kane Little Mommy
4 Watty Piper, ed. The Bumper Book
5 Jane Werner Watson The Tall Book of Make-Believe
6 Holling C. Holling The Book of Indians
7 Joseph Lippincott The Wolf King
8 Holling C. Holling The Book of Cowboys
9 Anna Elizabeth Bennett The Little Witch
10 Paul Gallico The Abandoned

Crafts, Hobbies & How-To
Includes cooking and gardening, sports and hunting, etc.
1 Steve Belichick Football Scouting Methods
2 Mary and Vincent Price A Treasury of Great Recipes
3 June Hiatt The Principles of Knitting
4 Derren Brown Pure Effect: Direct Mind Reading and Magical Artistry
5 Alice Starmore Aran Knitting
6 Susanna Lewis Knitting Lace: A Workshop with Patterns and Projects
7 Andrew Loomis Creative Illustration
8 Henry Edwards Davis The American Wild Turkey
9 Ray Jardine Beyond Backpacking
10 Jessica Simpson I Do: Achieving Your Dream Wedding
Fiction and Literature
Current and classic titles, essays and criticism,  literary nonfiction, etc.
1 John L. Parker, Jr. Once A Runner: A Novel
2 Nora Roberts Promise Me Tomorrow
3 Cameron Crowe Fast Times at Ridgemont High: A True Story
4 Kyle Onstott Mandingo
5 Jean Lartéguy The Centurions
6 Nancy Mitford Wigs on the Green
7 C. S. Lewis The Allegory of Love: A Study in Medieval Tradition
8 Kenneth Roberts Lydia Bailey
9 Donald Clayton Porter Creek Thunder
10 Judy Cuevas Dance
US and international, from ancient to modern
1 David Blum Flash in the Pan: Life and Death of an American Restaurant
2 Matthew Josephson The Politicos, 1865-1896
3 Oriana Fallaci Interview with History
4 Fletcher Pratt, ed. The Civil War in Pictures
5 Charles R. Johnson The History of the Hell Hawks
6 Jim Rearden Castner’s Cutthroats: Saga of the Alaska Scouts
7 P. S. Simpson & J. H. Simpson Torn Land
8 Paul Carell Hitler Moves East, 1941-1943
9 R. P. Hunnicutt Firepower: A History of the American Heavy Tank
10 Associated Press The Torch Is Passed: The Associated Press Story of the Death of a President
Mysteries and Thrillers
Classic as well as modern titles; whodunits, detectives and spies; noir and true crime
1 Kingsley Amis (as William “Bill” Tanner) The Book of Bond; or, Every Man His Own 007
2 David Ellsworth Smith County Justice
3 Yasmine Galenorn Legend of the Jade Dragon
4 Elizabeth Daly The Book of the Dead
5 Rex Stout The Black Mountain
6 Paul Hoffman To Drop a Dime
7 Donald E. Westlake (as Richard Stark) Butcher’s Moon
8 August Derleth Three Who Died
9 Laurie Breton Black Widow
10 John Dickson Carr (as Carter Dickson) The Department of Queer Complaints
Popular Science & Technology
Scientific titles directed at a general audience; includes personal finance and health
1 John F. Straubel One Way Up
2 Carl Sagan Murmurs of Earth: The Voyager Interstellar Record
3 James Dines How the Average Investor Can Use Technical Analysis for Stock Profits
4 Edward O. Thorp Beat the Market: A Scientific Stock Market System
5 Robert J. Church Cab-Forward: The Story of the Southern Pacific Articulated Locomotives
6 Guy Murchie Song of the Sky
7 John Henry Comstock The Spider Book
8 David Manners The Great Tool Emporium
9 Frank B. Morrison Feeds and Feeding: A Handbook for the Student and Stockman
10 William J. Holland The Butterfly Book
Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
Novels, short story collections; ghosts, aliens, romance; movie and TV tie-ins; reference and criticism, etc.
1 Stephen King (as Richard Bachman) Rage
2 Patricia Briggs Masques
3 David Williams Second Sight
4 Andy Mangels Turnabout
5 Ray Bradbury Dark Carnival
6 Del James The Language of Fear
7 Curtis Richards Halloween
8 H. P. Lovecraft Beyond the Wall of Sleep
9 Terry Nation Survivors
10 Ben Bova The Star Conquerors
Society and Culture
Philosophy and anthropology; politics and sociology; entertainment, travel, current events, etc.
1 Jeffrey L. Lant, ed. Our Harvard : Reflections on College Life by Twenty Two Distinguished Graduates
2 James Halberstam The Breaks of the Game
3 Alexander L. George Propaganda Analysis: A Study of Inferences Made from Nazi Propaganda in World War II
4 Charles P. Curtis Jr. & Ferris Greenslet, eds. Practical Cogitator: The Thinker’s Anthology
5 Herbert Collins Threads of History: Americana Recorded on Cloth, 1775 to the Present
6 James E. Newton, ed. The Other Slaves: Mechanics, Artisans, and Craftsmen
7 Leon Festinger, et al When Prophecy Fails
8 James M. Hutchings In the Heart of the Sierras
9 Margaret Bradford Boni, ed. Fireside Book of Folk Songs
10 Ernie Pyle Home Country