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Used books are a great way to save money, instead of buying your books new, buy used books and save a bundle.  If you are looking for used textbooks, used paperbacks, or any other kind of used book, will help you find the cheapest used books online.

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When buying used books remember that just because the books are used does not mean that they have to be of a lower quality.  Used books can be in perfect condition, so remember to pay attention to the condition when you buy.

Used book conditions
Used books are usually described in the following ways: As new, fine, very good, good, fair or poor.  Anything marked good or better should be sufficient if you are simply looking for a used textbook or for a reading copy.  Fair and poor book may also be okay but tend to be very well worn or ripped.  If you are looking for a collectible book you can refer to’s glossary for a complete description of conditions.

Sell used books
Lastly one of the best qualities about used books and used textbooks is that once you are finished reading them you can, if you want, sell used books to someone else who wants to read them.  If you have used books that you no longer want you can sell used books on ‘s buyback page.

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