Textbook buying tips:
Save hundreds when buying your textbooks online

To save money when buying your textbooks each semester just follow these simple tips, buying your books online can save you hundreds of dollars, and because BookFinder.com searches all of the top textbook websites you will always find the best price.

Search by ISBN
To ensure you buy the correct edition of your textbook search by ISBN, on average a new textbook edition will be published every two years and each new edition receives a new ISBN. To be sure you are getting the exact book required for your course double check the ISBN.

Buy used, and pay attention to condition
If you do not need a new textbook, consider a buying a cheap used textbook which can save hundreds of dollars a year. When buying used textbooks be careful to pay attention to the condition of the book, which will be described in terms like "as new", "good", "fair", or "acceptable." Lastly remember to keep your book in good condition should you want to sell it at the end of the semester as you will get less money back if you write in it.

Buy your books Early
Try and buy your textbooks as soon as you receive your reading lists if you want the biggest savings. There are always a limited number of used textbooks and the cheapest ones go first. Buying early also means you won’t have to worry about expedited or priority shipping options.

What type of book do you need?
Sometimes the same textbook is produced in multiple formats including ebooks, soft cover editions, teachers editions, international editions, specific university editions (ie UCLA Edition), and editions with bonus material (such as CD-ROMS or study guides). Usually there are no significant changes in the information provided in each different type but it is wise to double check which features you want, and which you are paying for.

Consider an older edition
Ask your college professor if an older edition will be ok for your class. Often an older editions will have only minor differences such as adding a few diagrams or changing the page numbering. However in some cases there are are major developments in your area of study. Depending on how your professor is using the text, an older edition may suit your needs, and will save you a bundle if it does.

Consider renting a textbook
At the bottom of many search results on BookFinder.com you will find a selection of textbook rental options. If you know that you are never going to use the book after you class, and you don't write in your books renting can be a great way to save some money.

Buy local
Try and buy books from a seller located close to you. Not only is a shorter shipping distance better for the environment but the closer the bookseller is to you the faster your books will arrive. When long distance and international orders are unavoidable, remember to plan for holidays and possible delays while your books clear customs.

Sell your used textbooks
Sell back your used textbooks and help cover the cost of next semesters books, or that summer road trip. Remember to try using BookFinder.com's buyback price comparison service which will check buyback prices from multiple websites to ensure you find the best possible price. Best of all shipping is free with all BookFinder.com buyback partners.Sell your textbooks on BookFinder.com now

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