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What are ISBNs?
ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers) are 10 or 13 digit codes identifying specific editions of a book. They're sometimes written with hyphens. Examples: 0321543254, 0-321-54325-4, 9780321543257 Where can I find a book's ISBN? ISBN codes are usually listed on a book's back cover, bar code, or copyright page. What does an ISBN identify? Each edition of a book has its own separate ISBN. For example, each of the following would be considered a separate edition, even if they have the identical content: hardcover, soft cover, large print, ebook, etc.

Why sell your textbooks?
Once a semester is over you may find that you no longer need your textbooks. Why leave them to collect dust when you can sell your textbooks and get money back?

Can I sell any book?
Our partners offer cash for up to one million books and textbooks, just enter the ISBN to sell books or textbooks.

How does textbook buyback work?
Once you enter one or more ISBNs you will get buyback offers from multiple websites. You will be able to compare which website offers the best buyback deals and choose which company you want to sell your used books to. Next, click on the offer that you want to accept and you will be taken to the buyback partners' website.

Why is the price I am offered different from what my college bookstore will pay me?
The prices offered from’s buyback partners are based on national textbook demand where your school’s bookstore only buys based on the demand of their store. Which means that even if your bookstore has bought their full quota of a specific textbook you can still get top dollar for your textbooks online.

Are there shipping costs when I sell books?
All of our partners pay the shipping, so there are no additional costs when you sell your books, simply mail your used books to the buyback partner according to their specifications.

I don’t live in the United States can I still sell my textbooks?
Yes, now has textbook buyback partners in Canada and the UK who will buy your textbooks. Live elsewhere? Please tell us your favorite local buyback providers!

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