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William Blake
Alexander Gilchrist
Anne Malcolmson
Martin Butlin
G.E. Bentley
Bu Lai Ke (Blake.W. )
John Donne
Easson, Robert R. & Essick, Robert N.
David Fuller
HAMLYN, Robin and Phillips, Michael
John Bunyan
John Hayward
Geoffrey and Edwin Wolf 2nd Keynes
Malcolmson, Anne, Ed
Mongan, Elizabeth (Introduction)
Amelia H {editor} Muson
Kerrison Preston
Robert N. Essick Roger Easson
Charles Ryskamp
Sampson John (Text By)
W. M. Rossetti
Joseph Wicksteed
John Windle
W.B. Editor Yeats
Yeats, William Butler (Edited By)

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Keynes, Sir Geoffrey - Intro & Commentary [William Blake; Thomas Gray]
Gray, Mr. (William Blake Drawings0
(BLAKE, William). NEWTON, A. Edward
Blake, William, 1757-1827,Pierce, F. E. (Frederick Erastus), 1878-1935
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Hamlyn, Robin;Blake, William;Phillips, Michael;Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.);Tate Britain (Gallery)
John Donne and WIlliam Blake
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(Blake, William). Keynes, Geoffrey
Blake, William, 1757-1827,Ellis, Edwin John,Yeats, W. B. (William Butler), 1865-1939
Blake, William, and Keynes, Geoffrey, Sir
Blake, William, and Malcolmson, Anne Burnett
Blake, William, and Sampson, John
[Blake, William. Collection Catalogue]. Preston, Kerrison. Goff, Phyllis
Blake, William; Bronowski, J. (Ed.)
Blake, William; ed. Frye, Northrop
Blake, William; Erdman, David V.; Rose, Edward J.; Grant, John E.; Tolley, Michael J.
Blake, William; Keynes, Geoffrey (ed.)
Blake, William;Keynes, Geoffrey
[BLAKE, William] DIGBY, George Wingfield
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Butlin, Martin & Ted Gott William Blake (watercolours, prints)
Butterworth, Adeline M, and Young, Edward, and Blake, William, Jr., PhD
STEAD, Christina and William BLAKE - edited by Margaret HARRIS
Damon, S. Foster, editor. Blake, William
Easson, Kay Parkhurst, and Roger R. (William Blake)
Easson, Kay Parkhurst, and Roger R., editors (William Blake)
Essick, Robert N., and William Blake
Harris, Margaret (editor). Stead, Christina. Blake, William J.
Hofer, Philip. [Blake, William]
Donne, John & William Blake w/intro. by Robert Silliman Hillyer
Blake (William), Keynes (Geoffrey)
McCarthy, Mary. William Blake, Emily Dickinson, Cyrano de Bergerac, and A.E. Stallings
Milton, John. Blake, William, illustrator. Trent, W. P. Tinker, Chauncey Brewster
Blake, W.
Blake, William & Thomas Gray
William Blake Trust
William Blake, Eric Robert Dalrymple Maclagan, Chiswick Press
William Blake; Thomas Gray; Geoffrey Keynes
BLAKE, William. (By Jack Lindsay)
Blake, William. Edited By Geoffrey Keynes
Blake, William: Exhibition Catalogue
Blake, William; introduction by Basil de Selincourt
Blake, William; Peter A. Wick (editor)
Blake, William; S. Foster Damon (introduction and commentary)
WILLIAMSON, R.S., William Blake, Ernest Durand, T.C. Hilgard (and Others)
Wood, Joseph. [Blake, William]
Young, Edward. Essick, Robert N. (William Blake)
William). NEWTON, A. Edward (BLAKE
Butterworth, Adeline; William Blake
Swinburne, Algernon Charles. (William Blake)
William) Munson, Ameilia H. Ed Blake; Illustrator-Author Illus
Arion Press]: Milton, John, and William Blake [illustrator
Bentley, G. E. Jr. & M. K. Nurmi. [Blake, William, -
Blair, Robert, 1699-1746,Blake, William, 1757-1827
BLAKE William - ERDMAN David V. (Edited by)
Blake William / Keynes Geoffrey Ed
Blake, William & Erdman, David V. (Text) & Stevenson, W. H. (Editor)
Blake, William & Townsend, Joyce (ed)
Blake, William (By Schorer, Mark)
BLAKE, William and GRAY, Thomas
Blake, William and Yeats, William Butler (ed)
(BLAKE, William) GILCHRIST, Alexander
Blake, William, - , Bronowski, J.,(Jacob) - , editor
Blake, William, - . Damon, S. Foster (Samuel),
Blake, William, 1757-1827,Binyon, Laurence, 1869-1943
Blake, William, 1757-1827,De Selincourt, Basil, 1876-
Blake, William, 1757-1827,Ellis, Edwin John
Blake, William, 1757-1827,Maclagan, Eric Robert Dalrymple, 1879-1951,Russell, Archibald George Blomefield, 1879-1955
Blake, William, 1757-1827,Philips, Ambrose, 1674-1749,Palmer, Samuel, 1805-1881
Blake, William, 1757-1827,Sampson, John, 1862-1931
Blake, William, 1757-1827,Skipsey, Joseph ed
Blake, William, 1757-1827.,Tatham, Frederick, 1805-1878. [from old catalog],Russell, Archibald George Blomefield, 1879- [from old catalog] ed
Blake, William, and Birnbaum, Martin
Blake, William, and Bronowski, Jacob
Blake, William, and Stevenson, W. H. (Edited by)
Blake, William, edited and with an introduction and textual notes by John Sampson
BLAKE, WILLIAM, edited by BUTLIN, MARTIN & GOTT, TED, with an introduction by ZD
Blake, William, Newly Edited By Geoffrey Keynes
[Blake, William. - ]. Hagstrum, Jean H
Blake, William. Erdman, David, editor
Blake, William. Erdman, David V., editor
Blake, William. Keynes, Geoffrey. (Trianon Press)
Blake, William. Sloss, D.J. and J.P.R. Wallis, editors
Blake, William. Stothard, Thomas
[BLAKE, William.] MALCOLMSON, Anne (ed.)
Blake, William/Ault, Donald
Blake, William; Bentley, G. E.
Blake, William; Cettina Tramontano Magno, David V. Erdman
Blake, William; Donne, John; Hillyer, Robert Silliman (intro)
Blake, William; Donne, John; Hillyer, Robert Silliman [Editor & Introduction]
Blake, William; Edited By Frye, Northrope
Blake, William; Erdman, David V. (ed.); Grant, John E. (ed.); Rose, Edward J. (ed.); Tolley, Michael J. (ed.)
Blake, William; Malcolmson, Anne (Editor)
Blake, William; Punter, David
Blake, William; Saurat, Denis (intro)
Blake, William; Sloss, D.J. and Wallis, J.P.R. (eds)
Blake, William; Yeats, W.B. (Ed. )
[Blake, William] Berger, P.; Daniel H. Conner (translator)
Archibald Russell; The National Gallery, British Art; William Blake]
Britten, Benjamin. [Blake, William]
Butlin, Martin. [Blake, William. Exhibition Catalogue]
Butlin, Martin; Blake, William
William Phipps Blake , Charles Thomas Jackson
Damon, S. Foster (Commentary by), Illustrated by: Illustrated by William Blake
Dante Alighieri ; translated by Henry Francis Cary ; introduced by Robin Hamlyn and with illustrations by William Blake
Wagenknecht, David. (William Blake)
William (Geoffrey Keynes, Editor) Blake
Erdman, David V. (Editor); Bloom, Harold. (Commentary); Blake, William
Erdman, David V., ed.; Blake, William
Essick, Robert and Jenijoy La Belle, editors. [Blake, William]
Essick, Robert N. Blake, William
Figgis, Darrel; William Blake (subject, artist)
Keynes, Geoffrey (intro & text) & William Blake (drawings)
Harvey Stahl, William Blake, Bruce Daryl Barone
Illustrated By Alessandra Cimatoribus Edited By John Maynard
Gray, Mr Illustrated by William Blake
Bronowski, Jacob. (William Blake)
Donne, John & Blake William [Intro By] R.H. Hillyer
Flaxman, John [Engraved by William Blake]
Donne, John; William Blake; Robert Silliman Hillyer (Intro
JAMES, Laura deWitt. [William Blake]
Baskin, Leonard, illustrator. William Blake
Milton, John ; with a preface by Peter Ackroyd, an introduction by John Wain and illustrations by William Blake
Wilson, Mona. (William Blake)
Mongan, Elizabeth & Edwin Wolf 2d, compilers. Newton, A. Edward. [Blake, William, -
Eaves, Morris - William Blake
Paley, Morton D ( William blake Related
Paley, Morton D (text); William Blake (art & Poetry)
PORTER Peter BLAKE William
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Rosenfeld, Alvin H. Blake, William
Damon, S Foster (text): William Blake (illusts)
Scott, William Bell. Blake, William
Singer, June / Blake, William,
[Smalley, Carl. J.] Blake, William
William] National Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution [Blake
Gray, Thomas; illustrated by William Blake
Hoff, Ursula (ed) William Blake (drawings)
Werle, Frederick. [Blake, William]
Blake, William & Denis Saurat
Blake, William & G. E. Bentley (ed)
BLAKE, William & Max PLOWMAN
Blake, William & Morton D. Paley & David Bindman
Blake, William ( Edited By Geoffrey Keynes
Blake, William / Robert Blair
Blake, William And Peter E. Wick [Editor]
Blake, William and Philip Hofer
William Blake and John Walker
William Blake, Kay Parkhurst Easson, Roger R. Easson, Osbert Burdett and David V. Erdman
William Blake; Geoffrey Keynes; Ambrose Philips
William Blake; J.Bronowski
William Blake; William Bolcom
William Selected edited and introduced by Jacob Bronowski. Blake
Blake, William) David Bindman (Editor)
BLAKE, William. (By A.T. Story)
BLAKE, William. (By E.S. Hamblen)
BLAKE, William. (By J. Bronowski)
BLAKE, William. (By J.H. Hagstrum)
BLAKE, William. (By S. Foster Damon)
BLAKE, William. (By T. Wright)
Arts Council of Great Britain. [Blake, William. Exhibition Catalogue]
Blake, William. G. E. Bentley (editor)
Blake, William. Greeting Card Sales Announcement
Blake, William. Introductory Note By Kenneth Patchen
Blake, William. Publication Announcement
Blake, William. Sale Announcement
Hayley, William. William Blake
Blake, William; Edited By E.R. D Maclagan And A.G. B Russell