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Tr. by J. W. Mackail
Llewlyn Virgil] Morgan
Translated By J.W. Mackail
Benson] (Virgil, Dryden)
C. Virgil. Day Lewis
Vergil / Virgil; A. Sidgwick (Ed. )
Virgil & Richard F. Thomas
Virgil (Dryden Trans. )
Julia Wolfe Virgil and Loomis
Virgil,Andrews Horace, ed
Virgil,Andrews, Horace, 1819-1901, ed
Trans. : Virgil. Trevelyan (R. C)
Virgil; Fairclough, H. R. [Translator]
Virgil; H. Rushton Fairclough [Trans. ]
Virgil; John Megalonakis (Editor)
William Henry Virgil; Melmoth

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Virgil (Publius Virgilius Maro). Translated By J. W. Mackail
Virgil, Papillon, T. L. (Thomas Leslie), 1841-1926, Haigh, A. E
Virgil; Fairclough, H. Ruston (Translator)
Virgil, Levi Hart and V.R. Osborn (Translators)
Mackail, J. W. (Trans); McDermott, William C. (Intro)
Publius Virgilius Maro, Virgil, John Dryden, translator
Lodge, R.C. (editor) (Includes F. Allen: New Physics in the Light of the Old; A.B. Baird: History of the University of Manitoba; A. Bernier:...
Virgil (Levi Hart and V.R. Osborn, trs.)
Virgil,Andrews, Horace, 1819-1901, [from old catalog] ed