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James Rhoades
William Warde Fowler
Addison Wesley
Virgil (translated by John Dryden)
Edward Searing
Virgil edited by H. E. Butler
tr. Virgil; Dryden.John
Bc- Bc Virgil
Pitt Virgil
Virgil; Comstock, David Y. (Editor)
M. A W. Welch
John White
Dryden, John (Translator)
John (Translator) Dryden
O G E McWilliam
Virgil (Henry L. Philip, Editor)
Translated By J.W. Mackail
Charles E. Bennett
Brown Virgil
Charles Bennett
Fairclough, H R; Brown, Seldon L
Fairclough, H.R. and Brown, Seldon L.
Henry S. Frieze
Virgil / Owgan Henry (Translator)
Virgil and John Henderson (ed.)
Virgil, and George Howland (Translator)
edited by David Y. Comstock Virgil
Virgil; John Dryden
Virgil; Mongan, Roscoe (trans)
Henry Hubbard Virgil; Pierce
Walter Dennison, Virgil (Creator)
John ; Virgil White

See also:

Virgil (Publius Virgilius Maro). Translated By J. W. Mackail
Henry Simmons Frieze, Virgil, Walter Dennison
Virgil, Davidson, XXX, Tr, Buckley, Theodore Alois, 1825-1856
Eliot, Charles W., Series Editor; Virgil (Translated by John Dryden)
Charles W (Editor); Virgil; Dryden, John (Translator) Eliot
Virgil. Frederick Holland Dewey (translator)
Virgil; Translated By Dewey, Frederick Holland
Virgil, Levi Hart and V.R. Osborn (Translators)
Mackail, J. W. (Trans); McDermott, William C. (Intro)
Virgil (Levi Hart and V.R. Osborn, trs.)
Virgil - Fanshawe, Sir Richard - Irvine, A. L (editor)"
Eliot, Charles W (editor); Virgil; Dryden, John (translator)
Eliot, Charles W. (Editor); Dryden, John
Edited By Eliot, Charles W.; Translated By Dryden, John
Virgil, and Holland, Frederick Dewey (translator)
VIRGIL,; DRYDEN,John trans.(Eliot,Charles W. ed)
Virgil; John Dryden (Translator); Charles W. Eliot (Series Editor)
VIRGIL, Written by; Translation by J.W. Mackail; Introduction by William C. McDermott.