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Oliver Goldsmith
Goldsmith, Oliver; Sullivan, Edmund J
Rackham, Goldsmith, Oliver
Oliver SIGNED by Harry Geo WebbGOLDSMITH
Goldsmith, Oliver & Dobson, Austin (Preface)
GOLDSMITH, Oliver. RACKHAM, Arthur (illus.)
rackham, arthur) Goldsmith, Oliver
Rackham, Arthur (Oliver Goldsmith)
Sullivan, Edmund JGoldsmith, Oliver
Goldsmith, Oliver / Thomson, Hugh
Goldsmith, Oliver; Doble, C.E. (ed.)
Oliver Rackham - Goldsmith

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Goldsmith, Oliver/Doughty, Oswald (Edited with Introduction and Notes)
GOLDSMITH, Oliver; Edmund Sullivan, artist
Goldsmith, Oliver [ prefaced by Austin Dobson ] illustrated by Hugh Thomson
Goldsmith, Oliver, Bernardin De Saint Pierre, Illustrated by Devereux
Elizabeth Gaskell, Mary Russell Mitford and Oliver Goldsmith Illustrated by Hugh Thomson
Goldsmith, Oliver [1730-1774] Illustrated by C. E. Brock