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Clyde Pharr
Virgil William Coe Collar
Virgil Edward H Cutler
Arthur Sidgwick
Charles Knapp
Moses Stephen Slaughter Virgil
Christine Virgil Perkell
Virgil Virgil George Calder
Virgil Maro Matthew J Okeefe
Vergil / Virgil; A. Sidgwick (Ed. )
Virgil ( Notes By A. Sidgwick
& Frank Justus Miller Virgil
Arthur ; Virgil Sidgwick
Harper, William R.; Miller, Frank J.
Virgil Virgil John Henderson
George Calder Virgil Virgil
edited by A Sidgwick Virgil
Virgil; John Henderson & E. W. Hagarty
Virgilius [Virgil / Vergil]
William Coe Collar
VergilGuinagh, Kevin (Trans. )
Clyde (Intro., Notes, Etc. ) Pharr
Frank J. Miller; J. Raleigh Nelson
Henry Simmons Frieze
Frederic ; Virgil Hirtzel
Frank J. Miller
Vergil (Virgil)
Vergil, A Sidgwick, Ed
Virgil ; Stephenson, H M [Ed]
Virgil, (Vergil), Cooper Charles Gordon
edited by T E Page Virgil
Antonia Virgil] Syson
William R. Harper/ Frank J. Miller

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Virgil; D.A.S. John and A.F. Turberfield
William Rainey Harper, Frank Justus Miller, William Rainey Virgil
Virgil (Vergil), Publius Virgilius Maro, edited by Charles Knapp
Virgil,Hagarty, E. W. (Edward William), 1862-1943,Henderson, John, 1845 or 6-1932
Vergil (Virgil) Guinagh, Kevin (translated with An Introduction by)
Mckay, Alexander G.; Hall, Jane H.; Virgil,