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Francis Weston Sears
Young, Hugh D., Sears, Francis Weston
Hugh D.; Freedman, Roger A.; Ford, A. Lewis; Sears, Francis Weston Young
Mark W. Zemansky Francis W. Sears
Jr. / Sears, Francis Weston / Wehr, M. Russell / Zemansky, M Richards James A.
James Austin Richards
Francis Sears
James Richards
Francis W. Sears
F.W. And M.W. Zemansky Sears
F. W. Sears; M. W. Zemansky
Sears & Zemansky
F W Et Al Sears
Sears, Francis And Zemanasky, Mark
Zemansky Mark Weston Sears Francis

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Sears, Francis Weston
Sears, Francis Weston and Mark W. Zemansky
Roger A. Ford, A. Lewis Sears, Francis Weston Young Hugh D. Freedman
Francis Weston And Mark W. Zemansky Sears, Francis Weston Sears, Mark W. Zemansky
Sears, Francis W. / Zemansky, Mark W. / Young, Hugh D.
Sears, Francis Weston And Zemansky, Mark W
Richards, James A, Francis Weston Sears, M Russell Wehr & Mark W Zemansky
Sears, Francis Weston, and Mark W. Zemansky
Hugh D. Young; Roger A. Freedman; Francis Weston Sears
Richards, James A., Sears, Francis Weston, Wehr, M. Russell, Zemansky, Mark W
James A. Richards, Francis Weston Sears, M. Russell Wehr, Mark Zemansky
James A. Sears, Francis Weston Wehr, M.Russell and Zemanzky Mark W. Richards
Richards, James ; Weston Sears, Francis et al
Richards, James A. , Francis Weston Sears, M. Russell Wehr and Mark W. Zemansky
Young, Hugh D.;Freedman, Roger A.;Sears, Francis Weston