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Herman Melville
Mary Ellen Snodgrass
Melville, Herman (selected Writings of)
Melville, Herman, ,Stedman, Arthur
Herman(1819-1891) Melville
Melville, Herman; Edited By Leyda, Jay

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Melville, Herman; Foreword by Ellsberg, Rear Admiral Edward
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Herman Melville, born in NYC IN Son of a Merchant. At embarked on a whaler which he deserted on reaching the Marquesas Islands & Lived for Months...
Dana, Richard Henry; London, Jack; Melville, Herman and Verne, Jules
Herman Melville , William Clark Russell , Marie Clothilde Balfour
Melville, Herman (Text by); Elaine Raphael; Don Bolognese; Alan Price (Illustrated by)
Melville, Herman Illustrator: Illustrated by Mead Schaeffer
Melville, Herman; Intro. By Raymond Weaver
Melville, Herman; Introduction by Raymond Weaver
Herman (1819-1891) & Schaeffer, Mead Melville
Melville Herman / Harrison G. B. (Intro.)
Melville, Herman, ,Trent, William Peterfield, , ed
Melville, Herman, ,William Clowes and Sons. () bkp CU-BANC,Craighead, R
Melville, Herman, 1819-1891,Trent, William Peterfield, 1862-1939, ed
Melville, Herman. Harrison Hayford, Hershel Parker & G. Thomas Tanselle
Melville, Herman; intro and notes, Woodcock, George