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Jules Verne
Verne, Jules Wiese, Kurt
James, Raymond; Verne, Jules
VERNE, Jules [Gabriel],
Charles Francis Horne Jules Verne
H. Firth Jules Verne
Jules Verne And Milo Winter
David Hill Jules Verne
Sexton, Marie, and Verne, Jules
Verne, Jules & Clayton, John Brooke
Jules Ill Anton Fischer Verne
Jules Kurt Wiese Verne
Verne, Jules, 1828-1905
VERNE, Jules; ALLEN, Philip, translator
Jules; W. J. Aylward Verne

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Verne, Jules, Introduction By Fletcher P
Verne, Jules; Sewell, Anna; Mulock, Dinah Maria; Dodge, Mary Mapes; Sidney, Margaret; Carroll, Lewis
Verne, Jules Illustrator: Illustrated by Henry C. Pitz
JULES VERNE, 5 Color Illustrated PLATES by Milo Winter, Translated & Arranged from French by Philip Schuyler Allen, Wonderful Frontispiece colored...
Dana, Richard Henry; London, Jack; Melville, Herman and Verne, Jules
Verne, Jules Edited By Walter James Miller
Verne, Jules Translated By Mercier Lewis with Introduction By Fletcher Pratt
Jules Verne, Illustrated in B/W, SCUFFING Blank FOX Endpapers, Hildebrand (illustrator, Newly Translated Into DUTCH Under Supervision Of Ernest...
Jules Verne, Illustrated in B/W, SCUFFING Blank FOX Endpapers, INNER Hinges Starting CRACKED As You Open Book O/W Nice, Hildebrand (illustrator,...
VERNE, Jules. Edited by Walter James Miller
Verne, Jules Pitz, Henry C. (Illustrator)
Verne, Jules, " Father Jules " with a 5 Page Foreward By Admirer Isaac Asimov. Blank Endpapers Small Dogear & Light Small Stains, DJ Illustration...
Verne, Jules; & Molina, Charles (Illustrator)
Verne, Jules; Allen, Philip Schuyler (Translation and Arrangement)
Harrison Ainsworth; Charles Dickens; Alexandre Dumas; Lord Lytton; Edgar Allan Poe; Sir Wa;ter Scott; W. M. Thackeray; Jules Verne; Mrs. Henry Wood
VERNE, Jules Translated by Mercier Lewis Introduction by Fletcher Pratt Illustrations by Edward A Wilson
Jules Verne; Fletcher Pratt [Introduction]; Edward A. Wilson [Illustrator];
Verne, Jules; [translated by Henry Frith] illustrated by F. C. Tilney
Verne, Jules; Herman Melville; Lewis Carroll; Fyodor Dostoevsky; A Conan Doyle
Verne, Jules; Kurt Wiese (Illustrator) Becker, Mary Lamberton (Intro)
Verne, Jules; May Lamberton Becker (intro.)
Verne, Jules; Mercier Lewis (trans ); Fletcher Pratt (intro ); Edward A Wilson (illus
Verne, Jules; Mercier Lewis (translator)
Verne, Jules;Mercier Lewis (translator); Fletcher Pratt (introduction)
Stevenson, Robert; Jules Verne; Samuel Clemens / 3 Books Matching Set Series
Verne, Jules - Miller, Walter James (ed.)
Verne, Jules, ,Hinton, Percival F., former owner. GEU,Lever Brothers Ltd
Verne, Jules, 1828-1905,Hinton, Percival F., former owner. GEU,Lever Brothers Ltd
Verne, Jules. Harris, Sarah Text Adapted..