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Jules Verne
Verne, Jules; Wiese, Kurt
Jules Gabriel Verne
Verne, Jules, And Pitz, Henry C
Verne, Jules; Mercier Lewis (Transl)
Gary Gianni
Jules (1828-1905) Verne
Sexton, Marie And Verne, Jules
Greathall Productions, Inc
Jules Verne And Milo Winter
Charles Francis Horne Jules Verne
Jules Ill Anton Fischer Verne
Jules Kurt Wiese Verne
Verne, Jules, 1828-1905
VERNE, Jules; ALLEN, Philip, translator
Verne, Jules;James, Raymond

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Verne, Jules
Jules.., and Bill Bowler., and Sue Parminter., (Series editors). Verne
VERNE, Jules. Edited by Walter James Miller
Verne, Jules; Sewell, Anna; Mulock, Dinah Maria; Dodge, Mary Mapes; Sidney, Margaret; Carroll, Lewis
Dana, Richard Henry; London, Jack; Melville, Herman and Verne, Jules
Verne, Jules Edited By Walter James Miller
Verne, Jules Illustrator: Illustrated by Henry C. Pitz
Verne, Jules; May Lamberton Becker (intro.)
Verne, Jules;Mercier Lewis (translator); Fletcher Pratt (introduction)
Verne, Jules Lewis, Mercier & Fletcher Pratt - Contributors. Edward A. Wilson - Illustrator
Verne, Jules; & Molina, Charles (Illustrator)
Verne, Jules; Lewis, Mercier & Pratt, Fletcher & Wilson, Edward A.
JULES VERNE, 5 Color Illustrated PLATES by Milo Winter, Translated & Arranged from French by Philip Schuyler Allen, Wonderful Frontispiece colored...
Jules Verne, Illustrated in B/W, SCUFFING Blank FOX Endpapers, Hildebrand (illustrator, Newly Translated Into DUTCH Under Supervision Of Ernest...
Jules Verne, Illustrated in B/W, SCUFFING Blank FOX Endpapers, INNER Hinges Starting CRACKED As You Open Book O/W Nice, Hildebrand (illustrator,...
Verne, Jules; Aylward. W.J., Illustrator
VERNE, JULES with an introduction and appreciation by HILL, DOUGLAS and illustra
Verne, Jules, " Father Jules " with a 5 Page Foreward By Admirer Isaac Asimov. Blank Endpapers Small Dogear & Light Small Stains, DJ Illustration...
Verne, Jules, and Binder, Otto O (Editor)
Verne, Jules, And Miller, Walter James, And
Verne, Jules. Harris, Sarah Text Adapted..
Verne, Jules; Guimera, Don Vicente (translator)
Verne, Jules; Vogel, Malvins G. (Adapted by)