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Laurence Sterne
Swift, Jonathan; Sterne, Laurence
Jonathan and Laurence Sterne Swift
Sterne, Laurence, -. n
Swift, Jonathan. Sterne, Laurence
L Sterne
SWIFT, Jonathan. and, Laurence Sterne
Wilbur Lucius Cross Laurence Sterne
Sterne, Laurence; Saintsbury, George
Laurence; Weales Sterne
Swift, Jonathan. , Sterne, Laurence
Laurence SWIFT Jonathan / STERNE
Laurence (1713-1768) Sterne
Elizabeth Draper Laurence Sterne
Laurence Sterne; Douglas Grant [Editor]
Macnally, Leonard, and Sterne, Laurence
Rhys, Ernest and Sterne, Laurence
Sterne, Laurence; Anderson, Howard
Sterne. Laurence
SWIFT, Jonathan & STERNE, Laurence
Swift, Jonathan, and Laurence Sterne

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Sterne, Laurence, -,Saintsbury, George, -
Sterne, Laurence & Christopher Morley & T. M. Cleland
Sterne, Laurence; Wilbur L. Cross (intro.)
Sterne, Laurence, and Fb Editions (Editor)
Howard Anderson (Editor) Laurence Sterne
71793 Sterne, Laurence; Englischsprachige Bücher Weltliteratur & Klassiker
Sterne, Laurence; George Saintsbury (Ed.)
Robert Maynard Hutchins (Ed), Jonathan Swift, Laurence Sterne
Sterne, Laurence; Grant, Douglas (Editor)
Sterne, Laurence; New, Melvyn [Editor]; Davies, Richard A. [Editor]; Day, W. G. [Editor];
DeFoe, Daniel; Henry Fielding; T Smollett; Laurence Sterne; Illustrated by George Cruikshank
STERNE, Laurence (Edited by Graham Petrie
Sterne, Laurence (Harry Furniss, illus.)
Laurence Sterne, Oliver Goldsmith, Diedrich Knichkerbocker
Sterne, Laurence; Introduction by Wilbur L Cross
Oliver Goldsmith, Diedrich Knichkerbocker, Laurence Sterne
STERNE, Laurence [FITZGERALD, Percy; CROSS, Wilbur L.]
Sterne, Laurence and Bloom, Harold (introduction)
Sterne, Laurence, and The Perfect Library (Editor)
Sterne, Laurence, and Wilbur Lucius Cross (Creator)
Sterne, Laurence, Anderson, Howard, editor
Sterne, Laurence, edited by George Saintsbury
Laurence Sterne, With Illustrations after Harry Furniss