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Laurence Sterne
Swift, Jonathan; Sterne, Laurence
SWIFT, Jonathan. and, Laurence Sterne
Jonathan & Laurence Sterne Swift
Laurence; Furniss, Harry (Illus) Sterne
Sterne, Laurence, Weales, Gerald
Swift, Jonathan. , Sterne, Laurence
Swift, Jonathan. Sterne, Laurence
Sterne, Laurence, 1713-1768
Laurence Sterne Leonard Macnally
Laurence and Ian Watt Sterne
Sterne, Laurence. Furniss, Harry
Swift, Jonathan, and Laurence Sterne
Austen, John. Sterne, Laurence
Laurence (1713-1768) Sterne
Frenais Laurence Sterne
Ian Campbell Ross Laurence Sterne
Overton Philip Sterne Laurence) James
Rhys, Ernest and Sterne, Laurence
Sterne Rev Laurence
Laurence John Austin Sterne
SWIFT, Jonathan & STERNE, Laurence

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Laurence Sterne, Sterne Laurence 1713-1768
Sterne, Laurence & Wilber L. Cross (Introduction)
Sterne, Laurence (Signed By the Illustrator, Rowland Wheelwright
Sterne, Laurence; Cleland, T M (Illustrations); Morley, Christopher (Introduction)
Sterne, Laurence; Introduction By Cross, Wilbur L.
DeFoe, Daniel; Henry Fielding; T Smollett; Laurence Sterne; Illustrated by George Cruikshank
Sterne, Laurence (ed. Ian Watt) b/w plates
Sterne, Laurence (edit George Saintsbury).
STERNE, Laurence (Edited by Graham Petrie
Robert Maynard Hutchins (Ed), Jonathan Swift, Laurence Sterne
STERNE, Laurence [FITZGERALD, Percy; CROSS, Wilbur L.]
Sterne, Laurence, and Evans, Bergen (Intro by)
Sterne, Laurence, and Fb Editions (Editor)
Sterne, Laurence, Anderson, Howard, editor
Sterne, Laurence, Christopher Morley (intro) and T M Cleland (illus
Sterne, Laurence/ New, Melvyn (Editor)/ New, Joan (Editor)
Sterne, Laurence; ed, Petrie, Graham; intro, Ricks, Christopher
Sterne, Laurence; Morley, Christopher (Introduction)
Sterne, Laurence; Saintsbury, George, Ed