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Ludwig Wittgenstein
Wittgenstein, Ludwig, 1889-1951
Wittgenstein Ogden

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Wittgenstein, Ludwig
Ludwig (D.F. Pears and B.F. McGuinness trans) WITTGENSTEIN
Wittgenstein, Ludwig; Bertrand Russell (Intro.)
Wittgenstein, Ludwig;McGuinness, Brian;Pears, David Francis
Wittgenstein, Ludwig. New Translation by D. F. Pears and B. F. McGuinness. Introduction by Bertrand Russell
Wittgenstein, Ludwig / Russell, Bertrand [Intr.] / Pears, D. F.; McGuinness, B. F. [Tr.]
Wittgenstein, Ludwig, Introduction By Bertrand Russell, Translation By C. K. Ogden, Hand Corrected Translation By William L. Zeltonoga
Wittgenstein, Ludwig; Pears, D.F. & McGuinnes, B.F. (translators)
Ludwig Wittgenstein (Author), G. C. M. Colombo (Critical Introduction And Notes)
Wittgenstein, Ludwig Introduction By Bertrand Russell
McGuinness, B. F., T. Nyberg, G. H. Von Wright ( Eds. ), D. F. Pears ( Trans.).