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Mark Twain
Twain, Mark, 1835-1910
Samuel Clemens
Clemens, Samuel; Twain, Mark
Mark Twain Samuel L. Clemens
Rh Value Publishing
Clemens Samuel Mark Twain
Mark ( Abridged Twain
Dick Hill
Mark Twain (Samuel L. Clemens)
McDougal Littel
M Twain
Twain, Mark, and Lee, Russell (Editor)
Twain, Mark, and Lemmon, Jack (Read by)
Twain, Mark, and Parker, Tom (Read by)
Twain, Mark, and Spark Notes Editors
Twain, Mark, and Us, Classics for
Twain, Mark/Greene, Jan/ McConnel
Mark; Beg... Twain
Twain, Mark; Cavett, Dick
Twain, Mark; DeVoto, Bernard (editor)
Twain, Mark; O'Connell, John
Mark Unwin

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Various, Henry James, Herman Melville, Mark Twain, Edith Wharton
[Clemens, Samuel Langhorne.] Twain, Mark
Twain, Mark; Bernard DeVoto (editor and intro); Thomas Hart Benton (illus)
Twain, Mark;Fischer, Victor;Bancroft Library
Mark [Samuel Clemens]. Edited & Introduced by Bernard DeVoto Twain
Twain, Mark; Edited and with an Introduction by Bernard DeVoto; Illustrations by Thomas Hart Benton
Twain, Mark; Worth Brehm (illustrations)
Twain, Mark (Clemens, Samuel)/DeVoto, Bernard (ed/intro)/Benton, Thomas Hart (illus)
Twain, Mark, and Bollinger, Max (Editor)
Twain, Mark, and Camfield, Gregg (Editor)
Twain, Mark, and Field, Robin (Narrator)
Twain, Mark, and Fischer, Victor (Editor), and Salamo, Lin (Editor)
Twain, Mark, and McKeever, Larry (Read by)
Twain, Mark, and Neilson, Keith (Afterword by)
Twain, Mark, and Ratliff, Thomas (Retold by)
Twain, Mark, and Wilson, Le Gabriel Ann (Editor)
Twain, Mark; Bernard DeVoto (editor, intro.)