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Mark Twain
Twain, Mark; Clemens, Samuel Langhorne
Twain, Mark, 1835-1910
Twain, Mark;Hearn, Michael Patrick
Mark ( Samuel L. Clemens Twain
Mark (1835-1910) Twain
1835-1910 Twain Mark
Clemens, Samuel L. [Mark Twain]
Kathryn Knight
Mark (Samuel Clemens) Twain
Bernard Twain Mark and DeVoto
McDougal Littel
Rh Value Publishing
Twain, Mark (Konvolut von 4 Schriften)
Twain, Mark, and Spark Notes Editors
Twain, Mark; O'Connell, John

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[Clemens, Samuel Langhorne.] Twain, Mark
Literatur. - England. - Twain, Mark (Samuel L. Clemens)
Mark [Samuel Clemens]. Edited & Introduced by Bernard DeVoto Twain
Mark Twain ; Authorized Edition [Editor]
Twain, Mark; Edited by Walter Blair & Victor Fischer
Twain, Mark; Introduction by Christopher Morley
Twain, Mark; Bernard DeVoto (editor, intro.)
Twain, Mark; Ratliff, Tom [Adapter]; Gelev, Penko [Illustrator];