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Robert Specht
Anne Hobbs with Robert Specht, Eric Malpass, Irving Wallace Alan Evans
Robert (1928- ) Specht
Hobbs, Anne As Told To Specht, Robert
Purdy, Anne. Specht, Robert
Specht, Robert, As Told To
Hobbs, Anne-Specht, Robert
Specht, Robert; Hobbs, Anne

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Robert Specht / Alfred Coppel / Erich Segal /Robert Lacey / Hank Searls
David Niven, John Baxter, Golda Meir Robert Specht
Robert Specht, Alfred Coppel, Erich Segal, Elizabeth II and the House of Windsor, Hank Searls
Robert Specht, Alfred Coppel, Erich Segal, Robert Lacey, Hank Searls
Specht, R., Coppel, A., Segal, E., Lacey, R., Searls, H.