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Henry David Thoreau
Thoreau, Henry David, and Atkinson, Brooks
Thoreau, Henry David, and Krutch, Joseph Wood (editor)
Henry David, Krutch, Joseph Wood Thoreau
Henry David. Edited by Brooks Atkinson Thoreau
Henry David w/intro by Nat Hentoff Thoreau
Atkinson, Brooks; Scudder, Townsend
Thoreau. Henry David
Thoreau; Atkinson, Brooks (Editor)
Thoreau; Krutch

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Thoreau, Henry David [1817 - 1862]. Atkinson, Brooks [1894 - 1984] - Contributor.
Henry David; Atkison, Brooks Thoreau; Illustrator-None
Henry David, And Atkinson, Brooks Thoreau
Henry David, and Krutch, Joseph Wood (editor) Thoreau
Henry David Thoreau; Editor-Brooks Atkinson; Foreword-Townsend Scudder
Thoreau, Henry David; Brooks Atkinston; Townsend Scudder
THOREAU, HENRY DAVID; Introduction, by Brooks Atkinson; Foreword by Townsend Scudder, Professor of English, Swarthmore College.