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Rev. W. Awdry
Based On W. Awdry
R W Awdry
Christopher Awdry Rev. W. Awdry
Awdry Rev. W. (Based on)
Robin Davies Rev. W. Awdry
Awdry, W. (Reverend)
Wilbert Awdry
Owain Bell
Heinemann, William, Herman, Gail
Random House
Skillicorn, Mark, Awdry, W.
Rev W Awdrey
Christopher Awdry
Awdry, Christopher, Awdry, Rev. W.
Rev / Reverend W. Awdry Awdry
AWDRY, Rev W. (based on Stories by)
W. Rev / Illust. By Owain Bell Awdry
Based On Rev W Awdry
Based on Rev. W. Awdry
Based on series by Rev. W Awdry
Kerry Milliron
Mitton, David;Awdry, W.
Rev. W. Awdry, Josie Yee (Illustrator)
Owain Bell Rev. W. Awdry
T. Wells Rev. W. Awdry
Rev.w Awdry
O. B. E. Reverend Wilbert Vere Awdry
Yee, Josie; Awdry, W.; Awdry, W.

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Awdry, The Rev.W
W. Awdry; Awdry, Wilbert Vere; Borgo, Deborah Colvin; Random House
The Rev W. Awdry
Reader's Digest,Reader's Digest Children's Books,Entertainment Hit,W. Awdry,Reader's Digest (COR)
Rev. W. Awdry, Christopher Awdry, Robin Davies
Awdry, Wilbert Vere, Reverend, and McArthur, Kenny (Photographer), and Permane, Terry (Photographer)
Awdry, Wilbert Vere, Reverend, and Milliron, Kerry
Based On The Railway Series By The Rev. W. Awdry ; Illustrated By Paul Nicholls.
Mitton, David (Photographer), and Palone, Terry (Photographer), and Permane, Terry (Photographer)
The Railway Series