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Wendy Pini
Roy Thomas
Richard & Wendy Pini Pini
Thomas, Roy, Noto, Clara, Pini, Wendy
Barry Blair
Wendy Pini Elizabeth Ceritelli
Baen, James (Ed.)
Wendy Pini Clara Noto
Wallace Wood
Adapter-Wendy Pini
Elf Quest:Book 1
Frank Thorne
Boris Marshak
Noto, Clara;pini, Wendy;thomas, Roy
Wendy & Richard Pini & Joe Staton Pini
Pini, Wendy And Pini, Richard
Richard Pini and Wendy Pini
Richard Pini; Wendy Pini
Wendy Pini (Adapter)

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Ostrander, John; Pini, Wendy; Boller, David; Pini, Richard; Fujitake, Dennis
O.F. Roko, Steve Blevins, Joellyn Auklandus, Wendi Lee
Theodore, Wayne
Auklandus, Joellyn; Pini, Wendy; Reyes, Lorraine; Blevins, Steve
Richard Pini [Illustrator]; Wendy Pini [Illustrator];
Terry Collins, Kim Yale, Joellyn Aukland
Thomas, Roy/ Noto, Clara/ Pini, Wendy/ Thorne, Frank