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Stan Lee
Peter Sanderson
Byrne, John; Lee, Stan; Kirby, Jack
Roy Thomas
Lee, Stan; Thomas, Roy
Stan Lee Roger Stern
Chris Claremont & John Byrne
Stan Lee, Jim Steranko, Barry Smith
Stan And Jack Kirby Lee
Stan & Jack Kirby Lee
LEE, Stan and KIRBY, Jack
King, Stephen, Stan Lee, Et Al
Kirby, Jack, Lee, Stan
Stan ed Lee
Lee, Stan, and Jack Kirby
Stan Lee & Jack Kirby
Stan Lee; J.M. DeMatteis
Chris Claremont Stan Lee
Chris And John Byrne Claremont
Lee Stan
Lee, Stan (Presents)
Stan and Roy Thomas Lee
Lee, Stan, and Marvel Comics (Text by)
Lee, Stan, Kirby, Jack
Lee, Stan: Thomas, Roy
Lee, Stan; Wein, Len
Werner Roth Roy Thomas
Stan Lee Presents
Stan Lee, Neal Adams (Illustrator)
Roy & Werner Roth Thomas
Thomas, Roy; Roth, Werner

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Roger Stern; Tom Defalco; Chris Claremont; Stan Lee
Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Jack Kirby (Illustrator), Werner Roth (Illustrator)
Stan, Ditko, Steve, Kane, Gil, Kirby, Jack, Ross, Alex Lee
Carey, Mike; Stern, Roger; Higgins, Mike; Lee, Stan
Lee, Stan; Wein, Len; Claremont, Chris; Byrne, John; Simonson, Louise
Roy Thomas; Stan Lee [Editor]; John Tartaglione [Illustrator];
Stan Lee; Fabian Nicieza, Bob Harras; Tom Defalco
Claremont, Chris; Lee, Stan; Simonson, Louise; Thomas, Roy; Wein, Len; Nicieza, Fabian
Editor-John C. Walts; Editor-Sharon Janis; Producer-Sharon Janis; Writer-Chris Claremont; Writer-Dave Cockrum; Writer-Jack Kirby; Writer-John...
James/Jim Shooter; Christopher Kyle; Mary Jo Duffy; Len Wein; (Edited by Len Wein & Marv Wolfman; Based on Characters created by STAN LEE)
Lee, Stan (Introduction) [Chris Claremont, Len Wein, Bill Mantlo, Dave Cockrum, Bob McLeod, Sam Grainger, Frank Chiaramonte, John Costanza, Tom...
Lee, Stan: Thomas, Roy: Claremont, Chris