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Stan Lee
John Byrne
Peter Sanderson
Stern, Roger; Lee, Stan
Lee, Stan: Thomas, Roy
Stan ed Lee
Lee, Stan; Mair, George
Lee, Stan; Wein, Len
Stan Lee & Jack Kirby
Stan Lee Presents
Stan Lee, Jim Steranko, Barry Smith
Stan Fantastic Four / Lee
Gerard Calabrese & Stan Lee
John, Lee, Stan Byrne
King, Stephen, Stan Lee, Et Al
Lee Stan
Lee, Stan & Drake, Arnold
Lee, Stan & Thomas, Roy
Lee, Stan (Presents)
Lee, Stan / Claremont, Chris
Stan Lee And Others
Stan Lee; Dave Cockrum
Stan X-Men / Lee

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Stern, Roger; Defalco, Tom; Claremont, Chris; Lee, Stan
Thomas, Roy; Lee, Stan; David, Peter; Dematteis, J. M
Lee, Stan; Wein, Len; Claremont, Chris; Byrne, John; Simonson, Louise
Carey, Mike; Stern, Roger; Higgins, Mike; Lee, Stan
Lee, Stan: Thomas, Roy: Claremont, Chris
Editor-John C. Walts; Editor-Sharon Janis; Producer-Sharon Janis; Writer-Chris Claremont; Writer-Dave Cockrum; Writer-Jack Kirby; Writer-John...
Writer: Stan Lee. Artist: Jay Gavin, Dick Ayers, Artie Simek