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Timothy Dwight
Charles Dickens
Alvin Victor Sellers
F. Scott Fitzgerald
John Sutherland
Anne Terry White
Alexander Pushkin
H. G. Wells
Charles Franklin
Ariel Bloch
Henry Cabot Lodge
Pieter Bruegel
Richard James Horatio Gottheil
Francis W. Halsey
Matthew Walker
Gordon Swanborough William Green
Sellers Alvin Victor 1882-
Andrew Lang
Jacobs John intro Bianconi Piero n
Albert Ellery Bergh
C. Gould
Gabriele Mandel
Niny Garavaglia
Pablo Picasso
Hippolyte Adolphe Taine
Justin McCarthy
John Stuart Mill
Dunlop, Ian; Orienti, Sandra
Emily Bronte
Grace Hamlin
Mia Cinotti
Rafael Sabatini
Antoine Watteau
White, Anne Terry (Adapted By)
American Orators
Benjamin Franklin
John Richard Green
Ranke, Leopold Von) Fowler, E. (trans)
Walter Scott
Epiphanius Editor Wilson
Angela Ottino della Chiesa
British Orators
John Buchan
Kevin Cameron
Timothy D.D. Ll.D. Et Al Dwight
Henry Fielding
Henry David Thoreau
George Rawlinson
Richard Cocke; Pierluigi de Vecchi
Mark Twain
Wilkie Collins
AGS Secondary
Alan and Harvey Austin
Albert Ellery Bergh (Introduction)
American Essayists
Bergh, Albert Ellery (Ed)
British Essayists
Georg Buchner
Canaletto; Puppi, Lionello, ed
Marcus Tullius Cicero
Cook, Clarence, Art editor
Dd Lld Et Al Timothy Dwight
Dickens / McIlwraith / Byron / Milton
Timothy -etal Dwight
Timothy And Others Dwight
Giorgio T. Faggin
German and Italian Essayists French
James Anthony Froude
General Books
Hal Leonard Corp.
Hawthorne, Julian (Managing Editor)
Hawthorne, Julian, Literary Editor
Julian: Managing Editor Hawthorne
Georg Wilheim Friedrich Hegel
Henry Hallam
Julian Hawthorne (Literary Editor)
Kregel Publishing
Lodge, Henry Cabot (ed)
Orienti, Sandra [notes & catalogue]
Pierluigi. De Vecchi
Piero Bianconi Robert Hughes
Sellers, Alvin Victor, 1882-
Thomas Carlyle
Various Authors
Anne White
White; Provensen [Illustrator]
john editor yohannan

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Sellers, Alvin V.
Homer; tr. by S.H. Butcher and Andrew Lang
Gottheil, Richard James Horatio, 1862-1936,Wilson, Epiphanius, 1845-1916
Anne Terry White (Adapter), Alice Provensen (Illustrator), Martin Provensen (Illustrator)
McCarthy, Justin/Richard Henry Stoddard/Arthur Richmond Marsh/
Timothy Dwight, D.D. L.L.D. - Richard Henry Stoddard, Arthur Richmond Marsh, A.B., Paul VanDyke, D.D., Julian Hawthorne; Clarence Cook - Art Editor
Cellini, Benvenuto; Symonds, John Addington [translator]
Charles V, Frederick The Great, Catherine II, Count De Mirabeau, Price Von Mette
Dwight, Timothy; Stoddard, Richard Henry; Marsh, Arthur Richmond; Van Dyke, Paul; Bergh, Albert Ellery
George Rawlinson; Albert Bergh (managing editor)
McCarthy, Justin; Stoddard, Richard Henry; Marsh, Arthur Richmond; Van Dyke, Paul; Bergh, Albert Ellery
(PROVENSEN, Alice and Martin. Color illus). White, Anne Terry
American Orators. Introduction By Chauncey C. Starkweather
Barton, William E, editor in chief; Wilder, Charlotte; Strong, Anna Louise; Beard, Frederica; Robinson, Emma; Mann, Mary; Hoss, May; Soares,...
Dwight, McCarthy, Stoddard, Dyke, And Bergh
Dwight, Timothy, Richard Henry Stoddard, Arthur Richmond Marsh, Paul Van Dyke & Albert Ellery Bergh
Editor-Stoddard, Marsh, Dyke and Bergh Mccarthy; Illustrator-Clarence Cook; Introduction-George Saintsbury
Camesasca, Ettore; John Sunderland; Lecaldano Paolo (series editor); Jean Antoine Watteau
For The Modern Reader
Francis; Dwight, Timothy; Stoddard, Richard H.; Marsh, A. R.; Van Dyke, Paul; Bergh, A. E.; Cook, Clarence (Art Editor); Creighton, James Edward...
Rawlinson, George; Albert Bergh (Managing Editor)
Sir John Froissart;Thomas Johnes (translator); Voltaire
Library Committee Timothy Dwight, D.D. , Justin McCArthy, Richard Henry Stoddard, Paul Van Dyke, D.D., Albert Ellery Bergh, Julian Hawthorne...
Library Committee, Timothy Dwight, Richard Henry Stoddard, Arthur Richmond Marsh, Paul Van Dyke, And Albert Ellery Bergh
McCarthy, Justin; Stoddard, Richard Henry; Marsh, Arthur Richmond; Dyke, Paul Van; Bergh, Albert Ellery
Cinotti, Mia; Lecaldano Paolo (series editor); Gregory Martin
Michelangelo; Camesasca, Ettore; Ettlinger, L. D.
Richard Henry Stoddard, Arthur Richmond Marsh, Paul van Dyke, and Albery Ellery Bergh Timothy Dwight