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Christopher Biffle
Plato Christopher Biffle
Plato; & Edman, Irwin (editor)
A. E. - Plato Taylor
Plato trans by Thomas Taylor
George Burges
G.M.A.; Plato Grube
Jowett, B. M.A. (Trans)
Benjamin Jowett
J. L. & Vaughan. D. J Plato / Davies
Plato Taylor, Thomas [translator]
Plato Alfred Edward Taylor
Irwin Jowett Ben And Edman
Benjamin Trans Plato) Jowett
John M. Cooper
Ed Henry Davis
Irwin (Editor) Edman
B. Jowett
Trans Jowett
Jowett. Benjamin (Ed)
Plato & M. Dacier
Plato and C.C.W. Taylor
Plato, Andr Dacier, Joseph Stennett
Plato, Epictus, Marcus Aurelius
Plato, Joseph Stennett, Andre Dacier
PLATO; John BURNET (ed.).
Platon (Plato)

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Scott; Jowett translation) Plato (edited By Buchanan
Plato of Athens[,Aristocles](ca.427BC-347BC)
Plato, Christopher (Ed.) Biffle Christopher Biffle
Hitchcock, David, ,Hitchcock, David, . Shade of Plato,Hitchcock, David, . Knight and quack,Hitchcock, David, . Subtlety of foxes
The Works of Plato - Volume One - Franklin Library Leather (The Great Books of the Western World, 25th Anniversary Edition)
Plato (Introduction and Notes By John M. Cooper, Associate Editor D.S. Hutchinson)
Hitchcock, David, 1773-1849,Hitchcock, David, 1773-1849. Shade of Plato,Hitchcock, David, 1773-1849. Knight and quack,Hitchcock, David, 1773-1849....
Plato (edited By Edman, Irwin; Jowett translation)
Plato & Edited By Irwin Edman (Selector)
Plato (translated by J. Wright & F. J. Church)
Plato / Platonis / Platon / ioannes Burnet / John Burnet (ed.)
Plato,Dacier, Andre, 1651-1722,Stennett, Joseph, 1663-1713
Plato; Francis M. Cornford (Trans. ) & Oskar Piest (Ed. )