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Christopher Biffle
Plato Christopher Biffle
Plato; & Edman, Irwin (editor)
Benjamin Jowett
Plato trans by Thomas Taylor
George Burges
G.M.A.; Plato Grube
Jowett, B. M.A. (Trans)
J. L. & Vaughan. D. J Plato / Davies
Plato Taylor, Thomas [translator]
Plato/ Benjamin Jowett
A. E. - Plato Taylor
Plato Alfred Edward Taylor
Irwin Jowett Ben And Edman
Benjamin Trans Plato) Jowett
John M. Cooper
Ed Henry Davis
Irwin (Editor) Edman
B. Jowett
Trans Jowett
Jowett. Benjamin (Ed)
Plato & M. Dacier
Plato and C.C.W. Taylor
Plato, Andr Dacier, Joseph Stennett
Plato, Epictus, Marcus Aurelius
Plato, Joseph Stennett, Andre Dacier
PLATO; John BURNET (ed.).
Platon (Plato)

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Plato, Christopher (Ed.) Biffle Christopher Biffle
Hitchcock, David, 1773-1849,Hitchcock, David, 1773-1849. Shade of Plato,Hitchcock, David, 1773-1849. Knight and quack,Hitchcock, David, 1773-1849....
Plato,Dacier, Andrà, 1651-1722,Stennett, Joseph, 1663-1713
Plato,Jowett, Benjamin, 1817-1893, tr,Edman, Irwin, 1896- ed
Hitchcock, David, ,Hitchcock, David, . Shade of Plato,Hitchcock, David, . Knight and quack,Hitchcock, David, . Subtlety of foxes
Scott; Jowett translation) Plato (edited By Buchanan
Plato of Athens[,Aristocles](ca.427BC-347BC)
The Works of Plato - Volume One - Franklin Library Leather (The Great Books of the Western World, 25th Anniversary Edition)
Plato (Introduction and Notes By John M. Cooper, Associate Editor D.S. Hutchinson)
Plato (edited By Edman, Irwin; Jowett translation)
Plato & Edited By Irwin Edman (Selector)
Plato (translated by J. Wright & F. J. Church)
Plato / Platonis / Platon / ioannes Burnet / John Burnet (ed.)
Plato; Francis M. Cornford (Trans. ) & Oskar Piest (Ed. )