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Selma Lagerlof
Lagerlöf, Selma, and Howard, Velma Swanston, and Baumhauer, Hans
Selma Ottilia Lagerloef
Selma; Illustration... Lagerlof
Selma; Howard Lagerlof

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Lagerlof, Selma Baumhauer, H. (Illustrator)
Lagerlof, Selma, Translated From The Swedish By Velma Swanston Howard
Lagerlof, Selma, Velma Swanston Howard (Trans).
Lagerlof, Selma; Malmberg, Hans (Photos).
Lagerlof, Selma; Trans By Richard E. Oldenburg; Pictues By Hans Malmberg
Lagerlof, Selma; Trans By Velma Swanston Howard And Ill By H. Baumhauer
Howard, Velma Swanston-Ed & Tran., Illustrated By Mary Hamilton Frye