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William Congreve
Ben Jonson
George Villiers
Bonamy Dobree William Congreve
Congreve, William, 1670-1729
William T M Cleland CONGREVE
Congreve, William, Louis Kronenberger
Congreve. William
Edited By Henry T.E. Perry
Kathleen M. Lynch
William. Congreve
William Wycherley

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William Congreve
Congreve, William; Cleland, T. M. (illus.); Kronenberger, Louis (intro.)
Congreve, William, Illustration By A. R. Middleton Todd, Foreword By Malcolm C. Salaman
Congreve, William, Edited By Lloyd E. Smith, Essays By McCaulay, Lamb, Swift Et Al
Congreve, William (Illus by Cleland, T.M. - SIGNED), Illustrated by Cleland, T. M.
Congreve, William; Behn, Aphra; Wycherley, William
Congreve, William; Nenry T. E. Perry (Editor) Perry, Henry Ten Eyck (Editor)
William and Kettelwell, John (Illus. ) Congreve
Congreve, William; Malcolm C. Salaman (fwd.)
Ben Jonson / William Congreve / Oliver Goldsmith / R B Sheridan
Jonson, Ben; William Congreve; Oliver Goldsmith; R. B. Sheridan; edit. By J. M. Morrell
Congreve, William; Lynch, Kathleen M. (editor)
Congreve, William; Lynch, Kathleen M.( Ed.); Loftis, John (Ed.)
George Farquhar, William Wycherley, William Congreve
Marshall, Norman (ed) (William Congreve; William Wycherley; George Farquhar)
William (1670-1729). Cleland, T. M. (Illus.) Congreve
Congreve, William = Foreword By Malcolm C. Salaman
Congreve, William; Illus. by John Kettelwell [Illustrator]
Wycherley, William ; Congreve, William ; Goldsmith, Oliver ; Sheridan, Richard