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H. G. Wells
Adapted by: Mary Ann Evans H. G. Wells
Robert Blaisdell
Stephen Stern
Wells, H. G./ Stover, Leon (Editor)
Holt McDougal
Wells, H. (Herbert) G. (George)
H. G. ( Herbert George Wells
Wells, H. G. (adapted from)
Wells, H.G.; Isaac Asimov, introduction
Orson Welles-Hg Wells

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Wells, H. G.
Wells, H. G. (selected by Alan K. Russell)
Serviss, Garrett P. (with Thomas Edison) (re: H. G. Wells) (introduction by Robert Godwin)
Wells, H.G.; Vogel, Malvina (adapted by)
by H.G.; Asimov, Isaac (Introduction) Wells(Author)
Korshak, Stephen D (ed.), Preface By Arthur C Clarke; jerry Weist; Roger Hill; Gerry De La Ree; Sam Moskowitz; Forrest J Ackerman; Frank Wu ( H G...
Serviss, Garrett P ( H G Wells Related ), Introduction By Forrest J Ackerman, Foreword By Sam Moskowitz
Wells, H. G. and Sasaki, Chris (Retold by) Illustrated by Akib, Jamel
Wells, H. G.; Serviss, Garrett P.; Smith, George H.