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Anne Rice
Anne Adapted By Perozi... Rice
Anne Rice; Daerick Gross; Faye...
Rice. Anne

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Rice, Anne
Vampire Lestat ( Anne Rice ), Illustrated by: Gross, Daerick
Rice, Anne; Perozich, Faye; Daerick Gross
Rice, Anne; Perozich, Faye; Daerick Gross; Joseph Lieaneaus Phillips
Rice, Anne (tipped-in signature)( Aka Anne Rampling / A N Roquelare
Anne; Perozich, Faye; & Gross, Daerick Rice
Perozich, Faye [adapting the Anne Rice novel]
King, Stephen, Anne Rice, A. M. Ronning, Jon Cohen, Randall Silvis, Harlan Ellison, Annette Hard, Charles L. Grant, Stephen...