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H. G. Wells
Friedell, Egon; Wells, H. G. (creator)
Francis, Pauline (RTL)
By (author) H. G. Wells
Colebatch, Hal (H G Wells interest)
Holt McDougal
Wells, H. G.; E. F. Bleiler (Editor)
Wells, H.G.; Isaac Asimov, introduction
WELLS, H[erbert] G[eorge] (1866-1946).
Wells. H.G.

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Friedell, Egon [translated by Eddy C. Bertin] [H. G. Wells related] [cover painting and interior illustrations by Karel Thole]
H. G. Wells; Chris Spollen [Illustrator]
Retold from the H. G. Wells original
Wells, H. G. ( Book Adaptation By Steve Altman, Bob Verne & Saba Moor)