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Beatrix Potter
Beatrix Beatrix Potter Potter
De Brunhoff, Jean; Potter, Beatrix
Beatrix & David McPhail Potter
Potter, Beatrix, 1866-1943
Potter, Beatrix and Rod Ruth [Illustr.]
Potter, Beatrix(1866-1943)
Althea L Clinton
Potter, Beatrix & Hague, Michael
Potter, Beatrix & Sendak, Maurice
Potter, Beatrix & Wehr, Julian
Potter, Beatrix [And] Jean De Brunhoff
Beatrix/Jean De Brunhoff Potter
Potter, Beatrix; Lohse (illustrator)

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Clinton, Althea L.; Wadsworth, Olive A.; Carter, Alberta M.; Potter, Beatrix;
Anne, Linder, Leslie & Potter, Beatrix (1866-1943) Emerson
ANTHOLOGY Alberta Carter, Beatrix Potter, Hilda Roth, Ella Byrne
0 Potter, Beatrix ;: Peter Rabbit Books 3 Bände
Potter, Beatrix; Edna Aldredge and Jessie McKee (Retold for Small Children by)