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Albert Camus
Lewis Warsh
Harold Bloom
Research & Education Association
Camus, Albert; Stuart Gilbert trans.)
Bruce Albert Camus Jackson
Albert Camus Paperback New

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Camus, Albert & Matthew Ward (translator)
Camus, Albert; Translated from the French by Stuart Gilbert with and Introduction by Wallace Fowlie
Camus, Albert Translated By Stuart Gilbert, Intro By Wallace Fowlie, Author's Preface, And Paintings By Daniel Maffia
Camus, Albert; Stuart Gilbert (transl.); Wallace Fowlie (intro.)
Camus, Albert, Kelly, Kevi Research & Education Association
Camus, Albert; Bree, Germaine (editor); Lynes, Carlos (editor)
Maupassant; Conrad; Jean Paul Sartre; Albert Camus / 4 Bks, Classic Literature