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Howard Pyle
Howard Pyle Carlo Collodi
Carlo Collodi; Howard Pyle
Pyle, Howard, 1853-1911
Collodi, C/Pyle, Howard
Howard Pyle & C Collodi
C. & Pyle Howard Collodi
Collodi, Carlo; Pyle, Howard
Howard & Collodi C. Pyle
Howard and James, John (Illus. ) Pyle

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Pyle, Howard
Estelle B. Schneider (Adapted from Howard Pyle's Story of King Arthur and His Knights)
Pyle, Howard (Writter And Illustrator). Frontispiece And Note By W. J. Aylward
Pyle, Howard Roland Wheelwright & Howard Pyle
Richard Henry Dana, Jr.; Howard Pyle; Paul de Kruif; Jessamyn West
Pyle, Howard;Zamorsky, Tania;Pober Ed., Arthur