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William Shakespeare
1564-1616 Shakespeare
Dennis Kay
Shakespeare, William; Price, Dorothy
Rh Value Publishing
Martin; William Shakespeare Green
Victor Hugo
Shakespeare, , William
William; Sidney Lee Shakespeare
Masson, Andre. Shakespeare, William
William Riccardi PressShakespeare
Shakespeare, William: Giroux, Robert:
Harold Bloom
Doerfel, Joel, and Shakespeare, William
Hubler, Edward. [Shakespeare, William]
William literatur - Shakespeare
Lowers, James K., Ph.D.
Rowse, A. L. Shakespeare, William
William und Markus Marti Shakespeare
Shakespeare, William; Aaron, Gregory C.
Simon, Henry (Editor)
Vendler, Helen. [Shakespeare, William,
William Shakespeare; A L Rowse
William Sharp

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Shakespeare, William Campbell, Oscar James
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Shakespeare, William, edited by Levi Fox
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Shakespeare, William - Selection and Foreword by G. F. Maine
Introduction by Esther Wood (Shakespeare, William)
Armstrong, Jane (Editor), and Shakespeare, William, and Duncan-Jones, Katherine (Editor)
Hawthorne, Nathaniel; Herodotus; Mill, John Stuart; Shakespeare, William
Shakespeare, William & William G Clarke, William A. Wright (editors)
Shakespeare, WIlliam - Wilde, Oscar - Spender, Stephen - Frye, Northrop et al
Shakespeare, William, & Clara Longworth de Chambrun
Shakespeare, William, and Hale, Keith, Dr. (Editor)
Shakespeare, William, and Mostofizadeh, Kambiz (Editor)
Shakespeare, William, and The Perfect Library (Editor)
Shakespeare, William, Ballou, Robert Oleson,
Shakespeare, William. Clarke, William George. Wright, William Aldis
Shakespeare, William; duncan-jones, Katherine (ed.)
Shakespeare, William; Grebanier, Bernard (ed)
Shakespeare, William; Parrott, Thomas Marc; Hubler, Edward (Edit.)
Sidney, Sir Philip; Spenser, Edmund and Shakespeare, William
White, Richard Grant / Shakespeare, William
Shakespeare, William (edited by A. L. Rowse)
Shakespeare, William (edited By W.J. Craig)
[Shakespeare] Ross, William (Fellow of The Royal Institute of British Architects)
Shakespeare, William / Katherine Duncan-Jones [Editor]
Shakespeare, William edited by George Clarke & William Aldis Wright
Insel-Bücherei. Pandora - Shakespeare, William
SD- - Shakespeare - Stefan George - Shakespeare, William
William Shakespeare (Author) Hyder E. Rollins (Editerd By)
Shakspere (Shakespeare) [Editor: Edward Dowden], William
Shakespeare, William und William Aldis (Ed.) Wright
Shakespeare, William. edited by G. B. Harrison
William; Illustrated By Vera Bock Shakespeare
Shakespeare, William; John Kerrigan (editor)
Shakespeare, William; Preface and Edited with a Glossary By W J Craig / Oxford Miniature Shakespeare