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William Shakespeare
1564-1616 Shakespeare
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616
Shakespeare, William (1564-1616)
Victor Hugo
Rh Value Publishing
Dennis Kay
Shakespeare, , William
Shakespeare, William; Price, Dorothy
Masson, Andre. Shakespeare, William
Harold Bloom
Doerfel, Joel, and Shakespeare, William
Martin; William Shakespeare Green
Hubler, Edward. [Shakespeare, William]
William literatur - Shakespeare
Lowers, James K., Ph.D.
Margaret Miner
Rowse, A. L. Shakespeare, William
Shakespeare, (William) - Rex, Rut.
William & Levi Fox Shakespeare
Shakespeare, William - Gielgud, John.
William und Markus Marti Shakespeare
Shakespeare, William, and Terry, Philip
William; Sidney Lee Shakespeare
Vendler, Helen. [Shakespeare, William,
Clelia William Shakespeare
Victor Hugo William Shakespeare
M.R. Ridley William Shakespeare
William Sharp

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Shakspere (Shakespeare) [Editor: Edward Dowden], William
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