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Charles Henry Pearson
Rolfe Humphries
John Eyton Bickersteth Mayor
Edward Greene
William Gifford
Duff, J D [Ed]; Juvenal
Juvenal; J. D. Duff (Ed. )
Juvenal; Rev. Lewis Evans (Trans. )
Juvenal A J Macleane
Thomas Chase
Juvenal; Edited By J.D. Duff
Alexander Leeper
Persius Persius
Herbert Augustus Strong
J. D. Duff
Hiram Corson
Lewis Evans
Ernest George Hardy
Juvenal, Nash, F. P., Ed
John E. B. Mayor
Charles Anthon
Duff, J. D. (Editor)
Duff, J.D., ed.
Evans Lewis
George Simcox
Gifford, William, Translator
Juvenal (J.D. Duff, editor)
Juvenal, Chase, Thomas,
Steven Robinson Juvenal
William Juvenal; Gifford
Juvenal; Mayor, John E. B. (edited by)
Juvénal; Apulée
Ovid; Juvenal; Virgil
William Boyd

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Juvenal; Persiua; Sulpicia; Lucius; Evans, Lewis [tr.]
Juvenal, Juvenal (Decimus Junius Juvenalis)
Juvenal; Pearson, C. H. & Herbert A. Strong (Ed. )
Chapman, George, 1559?-1634,Homer,Hesiod,Musaeus, Grammaticus,Juvenal,Hooper, Richard, 1821-1894
IUVENALIS, Decimus Iunius or JUVENAL.
CHAPMAN, George (trans) - JUVENAL; ed & intr William Kupersmith
D. Ivnii Ivvenalis [Juvenal}, Edited By J. D. Duff
JUVENAL [Decimus Junius Juvenalis] (translated by Charles Badham) ( Imitations b
Juvenal, Decimus Iunius Iuvenalis, Charles Henry Pearson, Herbert Augustus Strong
Juvenal, Mayor, John E. B. (John Eyton Bickersteth), 1825-1910
Juvenal, Persius, Anthon, Charles, 1797-1867, Ed
Juvenal; Niall Rudd & Edward Courtney (Eds. )
JUVENAL; PERSIUS; GIFFORD, William, translator from the Latin; WARRINGTON, John, reviser
Lewis, John Delaware, Iunii Iuvenalis, Juvenal
STOCKER, Charles William, D.D. (Juvenal, Persius, Ruperti, Orellius)