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Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Gustave; Samuel Taylor Coleridge Dore
COLERIDGE, Samuel. DORE, Gustave (illus.)
Samuel; Illustrated by Gustave Doré Coleridge
Dore, Gustave Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
MR Samuel Taylor Coleridge MR Peter G Stocker B Ed
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor (Gustave Dore illustrations)
Gustave; Joseph Noel Paton; Samuel Taylor Coleridge; Alfred Trumble; Dore
Samuel and Gustave Dore Coleridge
Samuel Taylor Coleridge; Gustave Dore
Anthony Introduction Burgess
Samuel Gustave Dore & Others Coleridge

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Doré, Gustave
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor Dore, Gustave, (illus) (Gardner, Martin, ed.)
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor (Gustave Dore, illustr) (Anthony Burgess, intro) (Ralph Richardson reading on vinyl record)
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor; Dore, Gustave(illus) Burgess, Anthony (intro)
Samuel Taylor (Gustave Dore Illustrations) Coleridge
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor - Gustave Dore illustrator
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor Illustrated by: Illustrated by Gustave Dore
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor Plates by Gustave Dore
Samuel Taylor; Martin Gardner (Ed. ); Gustave Dore (Illus) Coleridge