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Francis Macdonald Cornford
Translated by Benjamin Jowett
Benjamin Jowett (translator)
Benjamin trans Plato) Jowett
Plato translated by Benjamin Jowett
B. Jowett
John Llewelyn Davies
Lindsay, A D (Trans. )
Jowett Benjamin Campbell Lewis Plato
Jowett, Benjamin (trans).
Benjamin [Transl] Jowett
PLATO; JOWETT, Benjamin (trans)
Jowett, Benjamin, Translater
Plato,Jowett, Benjamin,
B. Jowett (Editor)
David Vaughan
G. M. A. Grube Plato
J. L. Davies
James Adam
Jowett, B. & Campbell, Lewis, (Eds).
B. & L. Campbell Jowett
Benjamin {translated} Plato / Jowett
Jowett Benjamin Plato
Plato; A. D. Lindsay (Translator)
Plato; A.D. Lindsay (Editor).
Plato; Benjamin Jowett(translator)
Plato; Jowett, B. (Translation)
Plato; Jowett, Benjamin (translator)
Plato; TranslatoB1R-Benjamin Jowett
Thomas Taylor
Murat Ukray

See also:

Plato,Bryan, William Lowe, , ed,Bryan, Charlotte Lowe, ,Jowett, Benjamin, , tr
Davis, John Llewlyn And Vaughan, David James
Scott Buchanan & W. H. Auden Benjamin Jowett (English translation)
Plato,Bryan William Lowe, ed,Bryan Charlotte Lowe Jowett Benjamin, tr
Fritz Kredel [Illustrator]; Benjamin Jowett [Translator];
Jowett, Benjamin / Campbell, Lewis (ed.)
Plato, translated by Benjamin Jowett, edited by R M Hare and D A Russell
Plato, William Cranston Lawton , Benjamin Jowett
Plato,Bryan, William Lowe, 1860-1955, ed,Bryan, Charlotte Lowe, 1867-1948,Jowett, Benjamin, 1817-1893, tr
Plato,Jowett, Benjamin, 1817-1893,Lawton, William Cranston, 1853-
Plato; Jowett, Benjamin (translation); Loomis, Louise Ropes (editor & Introduction).
Plato Of Athens[Orig. Name, Aristocles](Ca.427bc-347bc)
(Plato) Cornford, Francis Macdonald (Translator).
Plato,Jowett Benjamin Lawton William Cranston
Plato) Jowett, B Trans) Loomis, Louise R Ed
Plato, Albert A. Anderson (Editor), Donald Krueger (Illustrator), Benjamin Jowett (Translator)
Plato; B. Jowett & Lewis Campbell (Eds. )
Plato ; Translated By Benjamin Jowett ; Edited By R.M. Hare & D.A, Russell
Plato; Benjamin Jowett, trans.; Laszlo Matulay, illus.; Scott Buchanan, intro.
Translated Into English By Benjamin Jowett