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Stephen Crane
Jack London
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Pam Loos
Stephen; Fredson Bowers Crane
Betty Ren Wright
Crane, Stephen, 1871-1900
GRACZYK, Ed (Stephen Crane)
Stephen ANGELO. - Crane
Stephen And John Steuart Curry Crane
Stephen colour plates Crane
Stephen Jose Miralles (Ill. Crane
Stephen various artists Crane
Stephen. Val Biro Crane
Crane, Stephen; Bowers, Fredson (ed.)
Stephen; Winterich Crane
Davis, Lincoln; Sisko, Yvonne Collioud
Holt McDougal
1870-1902 Norris
Stephen Crane's
brown endpapers Stephen Crane
Mary Reichardt Stephen Crane

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Stephen Crane, edited and introduced by John T Winterich
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Crane, Stephen [1871 - 1900]. Valenti Angelo - Illustrator.
Stephen Crane and Jay E. Greene and Lawrence A. Bertrand
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Stephen Crane; simplified and adapted by Robert J. Dixson
Crane, Stephen With black and white American Civil War photographs