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Max Weber
DE ) MA KE SI WEI BO (Max Weber) ZHU
DE ] MA KE SI WEI BO ( Max Weber )
Mueller, Willard F. AND Weber, Max
Weber Max, Talcott Parsons, translator

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Weber, Max
Weber, Max translight by Talcott Parsons & an Introduction by R.H. Tawney
Weber, Max. Translated by Talcott Parsons
Weber, Max; Talcott Parsons [Trans]; R.H. Tawney [Foreword]
Weber, Max; translated by Talcott Parsons; A.M. Ansari
Talcott Parsons (Translator), R.H. Tawney (Forew Max Weber (Author)
Weber, Max, and Parsons, Talcott, and Tawney, R. H.