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James Fenimore Cooper
J. Fenimore Cooper
James [Cooper
J F Cooper
Cooper, James Fenimore, ,Seymour, J
James Fenimore0 Nevins editor (Cooper
Cooper, James Fenimore; Nevins, Allan
Courtney Ryley Cooper
Fenimore Cooper
J Seymour James Fenimore Cooper

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Cooper, James Fenimore
COOPER, James Fenimore [BROCK, H.M.] [MORRIS, M.]
Cooper, James Fenimore,; Spiller, Robert E (Afterword by)
Cooper, James Fenimore; Howard, Leon (Intro)
Cooper, J. [James] Fenimore / (Merrill, Frank T., Illustrat.)
Cooper, J. Fenimore [James Fenimore Cooper], 1789-1851.
Cooper, James Fenimore (Author); Nevins, Blake (Editor)
Cooper, James Fenimore; Allan Nevins (editor, introduction)
Cooper, James Fenimore Edited By Allan Nevins
Cooper, James Fenimore; Blake Nevius (editor) wrote the notes & selected the texts for this volume
Cooper, James Fenimore; edited by Allan Nevins