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John Steinbeck
Milton J. Paine
Stuart Henson
Milton J. Paine
John Steinbeck George Eliot
John & Jose Clemente Orozco Steinbeck
John and George Eliot Steinbeck

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Steinbeck, John
Jose Clemente). Steinbeck, John. (Orozco
Steinbeck, John; Jackson, Joseph Henry (Introduction)
Steinbeck, John, W. Kränzlin und Agnes Kränzlin
Steinbeck, John; Kränzlin, W.; Kränzlin, Agnes
Greene, Graham/London, Jack/Steinbeck, John
Steinbeck, John (foreword by Joseph Henry Jackson)
Steinbeck, John; intro, Wagner-Martin, Linda; ill., Oroxco, Jose Clemente