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John C. Calhoun
Calhoun, John C., and Wilson, Clyde N
Clyde N Wilson
Meriwether, Robert L., Ed
Hemphill (Ed)
Hemphill, W. Edwin, Ed
Wilson< Clyde N.

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Calhoun, John C, and Hemphill, W Edwin (Editor)
Calhoun, John C. and Wilson, Clyde N. and Hemphill, W. Edwin (editors)
Calhoun, John C., and Hemphill, W. Edwin (Volume editor)
Calhoun, John C./ Cook, Shirley B. (Editor)/ Moore, Alexander (Editor)
John C. Calhoun/ Robert Lee Meriwether/ William Edwin Hemphill
John C.; Hemphill, W. Edwin, ed. Calhoun
John C.; Hemphill, W Edwin (Editor) Calhoun