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I. M. Richardson
William Cowper
Homer; A. T. Murray
Homer, Anthony Quayle (Reader)
Stewart, Diana; Homer; Hack, Konrad
Samuel Butler
William Lucas Collins
POPE, Alexander (HOMER)
Samuel Homer; Butler
Alfred John Church
Agnes Spofford Cook
George Palmer
Alexander Pope Homer
Edwards Gerald Maclean Homer
Homer; and Eliot, Charles W. (ed)
R C Jebb
John William Mackail
Homer Alfred John Church
Butcher. S.H. (Homer).
Homer & Pease, Cyril A. (translator)
Homer (Alexander Pope).
HOMER (retold by J. Phillips)
Homer (William Cowper, tr.)
Homer \ Stanford, W. B. [Ed.]
Homer And Associates
George Herbert Palmer Homer Homer
Homer on
Homer, & Samuel Butler (translator)
- Translated by Ian Johnston Homer
Homer, David Binning Monro (Editor)
George Musgrave Musgrave Homer
John Flaxman Homer
Homer, Morris, William, 1834-1896
Homer, Perrin, Bernadotte
Homer, Richardson, I. M.
Sidney G. Hamilton Homer
Homer, William Cowper, Roger David Dawe
William Neill Homer
Homer, William Neill, Barbara Robertson
HOMER. Edited by Samuel Clarke
Homer. Pope, Alexander [TRANSLATOR]
Homer; Macbean, Charles E. (Editor)
Homer; Translator-Cyril A Pease
McDougal Littel
Reeves, James (retold by); Homer
A. Homer; Butcher S. H.; Lang
United States Congressional House

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HOMER (Translated By LANG, Andrew; LEAF, Walter; MYERS, Ernest; BUTCHER, S.H.
Homer, Pope, Alexander, 1688-1744, Buckley, Theodore Alois, 1825-1856, Flaxman, John, 1755-1826
Homer; Buckley, Theodore Alois (Translator)
Alexander Pope, Homer (Creator), Alfred John Church (Creator)
Andrey Konchalovskiy (Writer), Chris Thompson (Producer), Dyson Lovell (Producer), Francis Ford Coppola (Producer), Fred Fuchs (Producer), Chris...
Beny, Roloff (photographed and designed by) [text and anthology by Anthony Thwaite] [Homer, Hesiod, Sophocles, Pindar, Virgil, Horace, Seneca,...
Homer (Butcher, S.H. & Lang, Andrew Trans).
Homer (Butler, Samuel Rendered Into English By (Hutchins, Robert M. Maynard Ed). (Addler, J. Mortimer Associate Ed)
Homer (Translated By S. H. Butcher & Andrew Lang)(The Great Books Foundation)
Homer : Abridged and Edited By Wallace B. Moffett
Homer \ Pope, Alexander [Trans.] \ Wakefield, Gilbert [Notes]
Homer Butcher, S. H. (Translator) Lang, A. (Translator) Eliot, Charles W. (Editor)
Homer) LANG, Andrew and BUTCHER, Samuel Henry (translators
Homer, Alexander Pope, Theodore Alois Buckley, Theodore William Alois Buckley, John Flaxman, John Richards
Homer, and Murray, A T (Translated by), and Dimock, George E, Jr. (Revised by)
Homer, John Adams Library (Boston Public Library) Mb (Brl), Pope, Alexander, 1688-1744, Adams, John, 1735-1826, Former Owner,...
Homer, Rene Le Bossu, Alexander Pope, Le Bossu
Homer, Samuel Henry Butcher, Andrew Lang
Homer; Alsina, Jose; Gutierrez, Fernando; Homero,
Homer; Fagles, Robert (Translator); Knox, Bernard (Introduction & Notes); Baker, Grahame (Illustrations)
Homer; Introduction-Mildred E. Marcett; Translator-Andrew Land; Translator-Walter Leaf; Translator-Ernest Myers
Homer; translated into blank verse by William Cullen Bryant
Homer; Translation By George Chapman, Edited And With Introductions, Textual Notes, Commentaries And Glossaries By Allardyce Nicoll
Homer; Wyeth, N. C. (illus.); Palmer, George Herbert (trans.)
Homer; rendered into English prose by Butler, Samuel
HomEre (Homer) (MEdEric Dufour and Jeanne Raison, translators) (Paul-Emile Colin, illustrator)