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I. M. Richardson
Charles Lamb
William Cowper
Alfred Church
Alfred John Church, Homer, John Flaxman
Robin Lister Homer
POPE, Alexander (HOMER)
Homer W. Sykes
Samuel Homer; Butler
Samuel Butler
George Palmer
Hayman Henry Homer
translated by Alexander Pope Homer
William Sotheby Homer
Homer; and Eliot, Charles W. (ed)
Virgil, Homer/ Fagles, Robert (TRN)
Andrew Lang
Alfred J. Rev Church
R. Douglas and Homer Clark
Homer Edward Brooks
George Chapman
Haugaard, Erik; Haugaard, Masako; Homer
Homer & Associates
Homer & Pease, Cyril A. (translator)
Homer & S. H. Butcher & A. Lang
Homer & William Neill (Translator)
HOMER (retold by J. Phillips)
Homer (translated by G.H. Palmer)
Homer (translated by H.B.Cotterill)
Homer , Roger Rees (Performer)
Theodore A Homer [Buckley
Thomas. Homer). Hobbes
Homer, & Samuel Butler (translator)
- Translated by Ian Johnston Homer
Homer, and Draper, P A (Notes by)
Homer, and Reeves, James
Homer, B. Perrin (editor).
Bernadotte Perrin Homer
Charles Wesley Bain Homer
Virgil & Robert Fagles Homer
HOMER. Edited by Samuel Clarke
Homer; Editor-R. B. Rutherford
Homer; George Chapman
R C Jebb
Robin Lister
McDougal Littel
Margaret A. Robinson
Reeves, James (retold by); Homer
A. Homer; Butcher S. H.; Lang
Stanford, W (Editor), and Homer
Stewart, Diana; Homer; Hack, Konrad
Roy Thomas
United States Congressional House
Watson, Janet, Professor (Editor)
William Bryant
William Merry

See also:

Homer; Monro, D. B. [Editor]; Allen, T. W. [Editor]
HOMER (Translated By LANG, Andrew; LEAF, Walter; MYERS, Ernest; BUTCHER, S.H.
Homer; Translation By George Chapman, Edited And With Introductions, Textual Notes, Commentaries And Glossaries By Allardyce Nicoll
Samuel Henry Butcher, Andrew Lang, Andrew Homer
Homer; Buckley, Theodore Alois (Translator)
Church, Alfred John, 1829-1912,Homer. Odyssey,Flaxman, John, 1755-1826, ill
Francis, Pauline, Homer Retold By Pauline Francis
Homer : Abridged and Edited By Wallace B. Moffett
Homer, and Murray, A T (Translated by), and Dimock, George E, Jr. (Revised by)
Homer; Cerf, Bennett A. (editor); Klopfer, Donald S. (editor)
Homer; Edited By Eliot, Charles W.; Translated By Butcher, S.H. And Lang, A.
Homer; Wyeth, N. C. (illus.); Palmer, George Herbert (trans.)
S. H.; Lang, A. (Translator); Eliot, Charles W. (Editor) Butcher
Homer (S. H. Butcher and A. Lang, trs.))