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I. M. Richardson
William Cowper
Homer Derek Walcott
Homer Odyssey
George Palmer
McDougal Littel
William Homer William Cowper
Homer, [translated by Alexander Pope]
David Monro
George Chapman
Homer (Greek Poet)
HOMER (retold by J. Phillips)
Homer on
Homer, & Samuel Butler (translator)
A. T. Murray Homer
Homer, and Draper, P A (Notes by)
Homer, Murray, A. T.
Homer, Richardson, I. M.
Homer. Pope, Alexander [TRANSLATOR]
Homer; A. T. Murray
Homer; A. T. Murray (Translator)
Samuel Homer; Butler
Homer I. M. Richardson
R C Jebb
Margaret A. Robinson
Philip Worsley
Rees, Ennis [Homer]
Homer W. Sykes
Roy; Homer Thomas
Walter Perry
William Merry

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HOMER (Translated By George CHAPMAN, Edited By Allardyce NICOLL)
Homer \ Pope, Alexander [Trans.] \ Wakefield, Gilbert [Notes]
Homer Illustrator: Illustrated by John Flaxman
Homer; Pope, Alexander; Buckley, Theodore
Homer; Translator-Samuel Butler; Editor-Louise Ropes Loomis
Homer; Wyeth, N. C. (illus.); Palmer, George Herbert (trans.)
Homer, Translated and edited by E V Rieu, and with an introduction by Jacquetta
HomEre (Homer) (MEdEric Dufour and Jeanne Raison, translators) (Paul-Emile Colin, illustrator)