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William Lucas Collins
Homer, Philip Stanhope Worsley (Trans)
S. H. Butcher
Homer; G. M. Edwards
George Musgrave Musgrave Homer
Homer translated by Samuel Butler
Barbara Leonie Picard Homer
Homer; and Eliot, Charles W. (ed)
Pope, Alexander [trans.] and Homer
Ennis Rees
George Herbert Palmer Homer
John Jason Owen Homer
Homer,Hayman, Henry
Homer,Palmer, George Herbert,
William Cowper
Eliot, Charles W. (Editor)
Homer Charles Wesley Bain
translated by T. E. Shaw Homer
Homer,Minckwitz, Richard Alexander von
Homer,Way, Arthur Sanders,
George Herbert Homer; Palmer
Homer; Pope, Alexander [Translator]
Homer; Translated by Alexander Pope
Homer James Reeves
Shaw, T.E. (Translated By)
S. H. And Andrew Lang Butcher
Eliot, Charles W. (editor) .Homer
Alexander - Translator Homer & Pope
Homer ( Translated By Pope
Homer (aut) and Nicoll, Allardyce (ed.)
Homer (edited by W.B.Stanford)
HOMER (Illus Russell Flint)
Homer (William Cowper, tr.)
HOMER / COTTERILL, H. B. (trans)
Homer and Virgil
Samuel Homer) Butler
Homer, [translated by Alexander Pope]
Charles Du Cane Homer
Henry Hayman Homer
John Flaxman Homer
SparkNotes Homer
Trans. Samuel Butler Homer
William Cowper Homer
Homer, William Cowper, Roger David Dawe
Homer,Cowper, William, , tr. trl
Homer,Cudworth, William John, tr
Homer,Lattimore, Richmond Alexander, tr
Homer,Morris, William,
Homer,Palmer, George Herbert, . tr
Homer,Perrin, Bernadotte
Homer,Pope, Alexander,
Homer,Pope, Alexander, , tr
Homer. Pope, Alexander [TRANSLATOR]
Ian Homer/ Johnston
Beth A. Homer/ Severy
Arthur S. HOMER: WAY
William Cullen (trans Homer; Bryant
Homer; George Herbert Palmer (trans.)
Homer; Kenneth Cavander
Homer; Melmoth, William Henry, Esq.
Homer; Merry W (Ed.)
William Homer; Morris
Homer; Sider, David; Konstan, David
Alexander Homer; transl: Pope
Joint Association Of Classical Teachers
Neill, William, And Homer
POPE, Alexander (HOMER)
Reeves, James, Homer
Sider, David, and Wexford, Jane
Homer Sidney G. Hamilton
Homer SparkNotes
W Lucas 1817-1887 Collins

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Homer,Butcher, S. H. (Samuel Henry), ,Lang, Andrew,
HOMER (Translated By LANG, Andrew; LEAF, Walter; MYERS, Ernest; BUTCHER, S.H.
Homer,Pope, Alexander, , tr,Buckley, Theodore Alois, , ed,Flaxman, John, , illus
Homer; Buckley, Theodore Alois (Translator)
Homer n,Schomberg, George Augustus, Sir, , tr
Homer,Bryant, William Cullen, ,White, Andrew Dickson, . fmo
Homer,Lattimore, Richmond Alexander, , tr
Homer; Adler, Mortimer J., Associate Editor
Homer; Translator-Samuel Butler; Editor-Louise Ropes Loomis
Lawrence, T E (Translator); Homer; Knox, Bernard (Introduction)
Homer and Chapman; Nicoll, Allardyce (ed.)
Mortimer J., Associate Editor Homer; Adler
By (author) Homer, Edited by R. B. Rutherford, Series edited by P. E. Easterling, Series edited by Philip Hardie, Series edited by Richard Hunter,...
Homer and (Trans) Palmer, George Herbert
Homer and Alexander Pope and edited by A. J. Church
Homer, Alexander Pope, Gilbert Wakefield
Homer, Alexander Pope, Theodore Alois Buckley, Theodore William Alois Buckley , John Flaxman, John Richards
Homer, and Powell, Barry B (Translated by)
Homer, RenàLe Bossu , Alexander Pope, Le Bossu
Homer, translated by S.H. Butcher & A. Lang, edited By Charles W. Eliot, LLD
Homer, William Walter Merry, James Riddell, David Binning Monro
Homer,Buckley, Theodore Alois, , tr,Mackenzie, Kenneth R. H. (Kenneth Robert Henderson),
Homer,Cotterill, H. B. (Henry Bernard), b. , tr,Wilson, Patten, illus
Homer,Cowper, William, 1731-1800,Homer. Iliad. English,Homer. Odyssey. English
Homer,Lang, Andrew, , tr,Butcher, S. H. (Samuel Henry), , tr
Homer,Lang, Andrew, ,Butcher, S. H. (Samuel Henry),
Homer,Merry, W. Walter (William Walter), , ed
Homer,Perrin, Bernadotte,Seymour, Thomas D. (Thomas Day), ,Homer. Four books of homer's Odyssey
Homer,Pope, Alexander, , tr. trl,Broome, William,
Homer,Pope, Alexander, ,Buckley, Theodore Alois, ,Flaxman, John,
Homer; Butcher, S.H.(editor, translator); Lang, A.(editor, translator)
Homer; John Flaxman [Illustrator]; Pope [Translator];
Homer; translated by Iain Mac Gilleathain (John McLean)
Lang, Andrew, Leaf, Walter, Myers, And Ernest, Butcher, S.H., Translators
Pope, Homer; Translated By Alexander; Flaxman, John
Homer, translated by William Cullen Bryant