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Homer, Philip Stanhope Worsley (Trans)
Homer Charles Wesley Bain
Alfred J Homer; Church
Homer; G. M. Edwards
Ennis Rees
Homer translated by Samuel Butler
Eliot, Charles W. (Editor)
Samuel Homer) Butler
Homer; Alfred J. Church
Homer; and Eliot, Charles W. (ed)
George Herbert Homer; Palmer
Reeves, James, Homer
Trans. by Homer; A. T. Murray
Homer & W. B. Stanford
Homer A. Jack
Andrew Lang
Neill, William, And Homer
A. Homer; Butcher S. H.; Lang
Charles Bain
Jasper - Homer Griffin
Heubeck, Alfred; Hoekstra, Arie - Homer
Homer ( Translated By Pope
Homer (edited by W.B.Stanford)
Homer (Translated)
Homer - Nelson, Conny (ed)
R. B. Homer - Rutherford
HOMER / COTTERILL, H. B. (trans)
Homer / W.W. Merry (ed.)
Homer ; Translated By Alexander Pope
Homer, [translated by Alexander Pope]
John Flaxman Homer
Homer. Pope, Alexander [TRANSLATOR]
Robert Homer/ Fitzgerald
Ian Homer/ Johnston
William Cullen (trans Homer; Bryant
Homer; George Herbert Palmer (trans.)
Homer; Kenneth Cavander
William Homer; Morris
Homer; Stanford, W. B. [ed.]
Alexander Homer; transl: Pope
James - Homer Morrison
Palmer, George Herbert, Translator
Philip Worsley
POPE, Alexander (HOMER)
Shaw, T.E. (Translated By)
Sider, David, and Wexford, Jane
Theodore Buckley
W. B. Stanford Homer
William Morris

See also:

S. H. (translator); Lang, A. (translator); Eliot, Charles W. (editor) Homer; Butcher
HOMER (Translated By LANG, Andrew; LEAF, Walter; MYERS, Ernest; BUTCHER, S.H.
Homer; Adler, Mortimer J., Associate Editor
Homer; Translator-Samuel Butler; Editor-Louise Ropes Loomis
Homer; Buckley, Theodore Alois (Translator)
Lawrence, T E (Translator); Homer; Knox, Bernard (Introduction)
Homer and (Trans) Palmer, George Herbert
Homer (Palmer, George Herbert Translated)
Homer; Alexander Pope [Translator]; John Flaxman [Illustrator];
Homer; translated by Iain Mac Gilleathain (John McLean)
Homer; W. B. Stanford, Intro., Commentary, and Indexes by
Lang, Andrew, Leaf, Walter, Myers, And Ernest, Butcher, S.H., Translators
Pope, Homer; Translated By Alexander; Flaxman, John