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J. Peter Burkholder
Donald Jay Grout
Burkholder, J. Peter/ Palisca, Claude V.
editor Palisca Claude V.
Burkholder, J. Peter, and Grout, Donald Jay, and Palisca, Claude V.
Claude V. Palisca J. Peter Burkholder
Donald J. Grout
Ed Claude V. Palisca
J. Peter Burkholder/ Claude V. Palisca
Palisca, Claude V, Professor (Editor)
Palisca, Claude V., ed

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Palisca, Claude V
Burkholder, J Peter, Professor (Editor), and Palisca, Claude V (Editor)
Burkholder, J. Peter, Palisca, Claude V.
Palisca, Claude V., Burkholder, J. Peter
W W Norton & Co; Palisca, Claude V. [Editor]
PALISCA, Claude V. editor [Reference *° Music °*] :
Peter J. and Claude V. Palisca Burkholder