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Clement C. Moore
Moore, Clement, C.
Robert Sabuda
Charles Dickens
Clement C. Moore Jim Davis
Clement C. Arthur Rackham Moore
Clement C. Disney; Moore
Gale Wiersum
Clement C. and Eloise Wilkin Moore
Clement C. Moore Hardcover
Gyo Fujikawa
D. Jakobs
Clement C. & Ethel Hays Moore
Moore, Clement C. & Neville, Vera
Moore, Clement C. & Tedder, Elizabeth
Clement C. John Speirs Moore

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Moore, Clement C.
[Moore, Clement C.]; Izawa, Tadasu; Kawamoto, Kihachiro
Clement C. Moore, Published by Hallmark & Coco-Cola Companies
Carter Goodrich, adapted and illustrated by; Clement C. Moore
ANTHOLOGY Moore, Clement C. & Washington Irving, John Inman, Samuel Low, George Morris
Clement C Moore; Harold Potter; Rrod Eddy
Moore, Clement C. as Intrepreted By Bob G. Watkins
Moore, Clement C. with illustrations by Haddon Sundblom and Garin Baker
Moore, Clement C.; Haddon Sundblom & Garin Baker (Illust.), Illustrator: Sundblom, Haddon
Clement Clark Moore, Illustrated Full COLOR by Nino Carbe and Animated by A. Schenk, COLOR FRONTISPIECE of Santa in Red & White, smoking a Pipe...
Clement Clarke Moore; Donald Mills [Illustrator]
Clement Clarke Moore; William Roger Snow [Illustrator]; Russell Barber [Introduction];
Moore, Clement Clarke; Unada [Illustrator]
Clement Moore, PICTURED IN COLOR by John R. (J. ) Neill (Oz Books for L. Frank Baum), Inner Blank Flap PriceClipped Color Frontispiece with Santa...
Moore, Clement C. & Angelo, Valenti & Thompson, Edmund B
Moore, Clement C. & Lawrence, George H. M. & Haight, Anne Lyon
Moore, Clement Clarke, and Denslow, W W, and Boylan, Grace Duffie (Foreword by)
Sauer, Walter; Moore, Clement C.; Livingstone, Henry; Nast, Thomas (Illustrator); Sauer, Walter (Übersetzung)
Wilford Brimley (Narrator); Clement C. Moore (Author)